Celebrities Who Starred In Bizarre, Hilarious, And Completely Extra Commercials

Commercials are designed to reflect the hottest trends of the moment, so it’s no surprise that sometimes they don’t age well.

Although many commercials show our favorite K-pop and K-drama celebrities looking gorgeous, beautiful, and composed, sometimes a commercial will go for a totally-out-there concept that comes back to embarrass the celebrities later in their careers.

Some of these commercials are adorably vintage in their reflections of what used to be popular, while some are recent ones that – while not embarrassing per se – have asked their stars to perform some interesting things in the name of selling their product.

Here are some examples of commercials starring Korean celebrities with bizarre concepts:

Yeo Jin Goo

Yeo Jin Goo first captured hearts as a cute child actor before impressing audiences with the range of his talent, maturity, and his deep voice as he grew older. In his third year of middle school, at the height of his popularity from “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” Yeo Jin Goo filmed a commercial for the cookie brand Choco Heim.

Not only did the commercial showcase the cloning that so many Korean commercials are inexplicably fond of, but powerful choreography that only gets funnier with the expression on Yeo Jin Goo’s face.

Yoo Seung Ho

Maybe this is a Choco Heim thing?

Before there was Yeo Jin Goo, there was Yoo Seung Ho. While there was no cloning involved here, somehow that makes the little song and dance he does even funnier. Also, there is some serious eyebrow game at the beginning.


This commercial for makeup brand The Saem is a good reflection of how makeup trends don’t necessarily age well. In the clip, IU tries a unique and colorful eye makeup look that is very different from her usual makeup style.

The caption also gets more hilarious with time, as it reads, “I have changed the way I think.”


As most fans know, the idol group once filmed an… amazingly retro commercial for Ppushu Ppushu (a snack also known as smash noodles). Filmed somewhat like a comic book, the SHINee members perform various dance moves (poppin’, wave, etc.) with the noodles in their hands as orange graphics pop up around them.

Lee Joon Gi

This commercial is an idea that clearly worked well on paper: Lee Joon Gi sitting at the piano, surrounded by beautiful women. What could go wrong?

The commercial was filmed for a brand titled “Beautiful Women Like Pomegranates.” The setup ended up being more cringeworthy than charming (why are they all wearing white in a pomegranate commercial?), but if nothing else, showcased how Lee Joon Gi’s good looks are eternal.


After becoming known for her intense and funny choreography on stage, JooE was tapped to star in a truly wild advertisement for the beverage brand Tropicana. Now the Tropicana ad has become an important part of JooE’s image!

Teen Top’s Niel, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji, Lee Kwang Soo

Is Fanta short for fantasy? Because that’s the theme of this intense commercial, in which Lee Kwang Soo stars as some kind of Fanta fairy godfather going around turning regular students into K-pop idols.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

A truly epic case of cloning! Filmed for the brand Miwon and based on the popular “Pick Me” dance from “Produce 101,” the director of the commercial apparently decided why have one Heechul when you can have them all.

MONSTA X’s Shownu and DIA’s Yebin

They both look gorgeous in this commercial for Kose, but it’s their level of commitment to the “Goblin” parody that deserves honorable mention. Shownu stars as the titular “Goblin” who appears whenever Yebin shakes a bottle of blush tint. He also shows off his makeup skills from “Lipstick Prince” by applying the blush to her cheeks himself!

But the crowning moment of the commercial is when Yebin shakes the bottle in the girls’ bathroom and Shownu appears out of the stall behind her.

What are some other truly bizarre Korean commercials you’ve seen over the years?

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