11 Short K-Dramas You Can Watch In One Day

There are a million reasons why we love Korean dramas — the romance, the adventure, the humor, the unique plots. Everything about them helps us escape the drudgery of daily life and get sucked into a different world. But, it’s no secret that being a K-drama-holic is a big time commitment. Most conventional K-drama episodes are around an hour long while the series themselves can run anywhere between 16 and 25 episodes (sometimes more). So, what’s a K-drama lover to do when responsibilities and obligations like school or work don’t leave the time to get sucked into a long drama?

If you’ve only got a few hours to satisfy your drama cravings, we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of awesome, diverse, and short Korean dramas that you can watch in a single day.

Page Turner

When old dreams are shattered, three high school students (Ji Soo, Kim So Hyun, and Shin Jae Ha) must build new dreams while discovering who they really are and what matters most. This moving drama will make you laugh, cry, and believe that good things can come from bad situations, all in a short amount of time. You can watch the first of three episodes below!

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Revenge Note

When a mysterious app shows up on her phone, push-over Ho Goo Hee (Kim Hyang Gi) is given the power to exact revenge on those who deserve it. Filled with mystery, romance, and sweet revenge, you’re sure to fall in love with this unique, short drama.

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I Am

A teenage android (Jung Chae Yeon) navigates the lessons of life, love, and friendship in this cute, quick drama. With six episodes around 15 minutes apiece, this is a fun drama that you can easily finish no matter how hectic your schedule.

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Under the Black Moonlight

Kang Woo (Nam Tae Hyun) and his girlfriend (Kim Soo Yun) are the hot couple on campus. But a strange student, a remote cabin, and a dark family secret might end with them both getting burned. If you’re a fan of mysterious and thrilling dramas, this short show will keep you captivated. Watch the first episode below!

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Splash Splash Love

When a down-on-her-luck high school student (Kim Seul Gi) is transported back through time to the Joseon dynasty, she’s greeted by a handsome king (Yoon Doo Joon) with plenty of problems of his own. Together, they might be exactly what the other needs. For those who love historical dramas but are short on time, you’ll love this quick series.

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The Miracle

Twin sisters Si Ah (Nahyun) and Si Yeon (Hong Yoon Hwa) couldn’t be less alike. Si Ah is beautiful and famous; Si Yeon is unattractive and insecure. So when a mysterious fortune-teller gives Si Yeon the chance to switch lives with her sister, both girls will learn who they really are and that beauty is more than the body you’re born with. Check out the first episode below!

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Rebel Detectives

Two handsome and intelligent high school students (Ahn Hyeong Seop, Yoo Seon Ho) are recruited by the police to help solve tough cases that no one else can crack. But are these geniuses smart enough to solve the case that really matters and find out the truth behind their parents’ mysterious disappearance?

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Wednesday 3:30 PM

What’s a girl to do when she can’t get over her ex? Make him jealous, of course! Eun Woo (Jin Ki Joo) convinces her childhood friend (Lee Hongbin) to pose as her new man, but on the way to winning back her old love, she may just realize that love was right beside her all along. If you’re low on time but craving some romance, this drama is just what you need. Watch the first episode below!

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Bing Goo

Go Man Soo (Kim Jung Hyun) is living a normal life in the 1970s, searching for love and navigating family issues. But when he accidentally becomes frozen in ice and is found and revived 37 years later, nothing will ever be normal again. K-drama fans with a couple hours to spare will love this short, but satisfying drama.

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Matching! Boys Archery

Hong Shi Ah (Kei), an aspiring webtoon artist, is in a slump. Looking for inspiration for her next story, lightning strikes as she stumbles across a boys archery club — filled with five handsome and athletic boys! Shi Ah decides to become the club’s manager to stay near her muses and keep the creative juices flowing. However, surrounded by so many gorgeous guys, she might find more than just inspiration. Watch the first episode of this charming series below!

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Nightmare Teacher

Be careful what you wish for at this high school. When students begin disappearing and being forgotten, it’s up to class president Kang Ye Rim (Kim So Hyun) and her friend (Lee Minhyuk) to solve the mystery without disappearing themselves. This supernatural, suspenseful drama will have you hooked! Be sure to watch the first episode here!

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Which drama will you check out first? Leave your thoughts and recommendations in the comments!

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