K-Pop Choreographies From 2018 We Won’t Be Forgetting Anytime Soon

As we wave goodbye to 2018 and look forward to all that 2019 has to offer, let’s take a look back on the dance routines from 2018 that had us dancing all year long!

Red Velvet – “Power Up”

Both the song and dance routine to Red Velvet’s “Power Up” have an almost “Power Rangers” or “Sailor Moon” feel, like “Let’s Power Up!” is the battle cry before some awesome badassery. The routine is a lot of fun with quirky, empowering moves.


IU isn’t typically an artist who dances complete routines during her performances, but she surprised us with “BBIBBI.” This one’s great for those of us not skilled in dancing but desperate to show off that little bit of rhythm we do have. It’s a little bit easier and so cool! IU looks amazing, and if you follow her practice video, you could too!

PENTAGON – “Shine”

A lot of recognizable moves in this routine from PENTAGON; if you’ve been on the internet in the last couple of years you probably know a few of them. Now mash them all together with some fancy foot work, and you’re good to go!

Mino – “Fiancé”

Getting serious “Drunken Master” feels in this performance, and we’re loving it. This is a routine you could get away with in the club or in your house as you tidy, stumbling between rooms with a mop. Mino has so much style and rhythm. In fact, many of WINNER’s 2018 dance routines are deserving of a spot here, too.

Jennie – “Solo”

As we saw from Park Na Rae’s performance of “Solo” at the MBC Entertainment Awards, Jennie’s popular track is pretty easy to follow whilst being the perfect excuse to break out your diva alter ego and show what you’ve got in a hot pair of heels. You can do this one solo or with friends for that squad goals look.


Any one of TWICE’s songs from 2018 could have made this list; they’re just so energetic and exciting with lots of easy-to-follow signature moves, but “YES or YES” won out with that baseball choreography. So fun!

Seungri – “1,2,3!”

This song is perfect for dancing around your kitchen, or just rocking out in the street. The choreography is a bit different to what we usually see in K-pop, and it’s just so fun to see Seungri be different, playing to his strengths.

MAMAMOO – “Egotistic”

A lot of K-pop groups have been influenced by Spanish music and choreography in recent years (shoutout to BTS’s “Airplane Pt. 2” as another great dance routine in this style), but MAMAMOO has added their own fun and flare that just makes this routine so addictive.

BTS – “Idol”

The power and speed in this performance Is pretty impressive alone, but the use of traditional Korean dance mixed with contemporary choreography is pretty quirky too. Those flips and kicks in the air are hard to pull off, but Bangtan blends them effortlessly with more modern moves.


“DDU-DU DDU-DU” is so mesmerizing to watch. The choreography of this routine is beautiful because of its synergy: BLACKPINK moves like a kaleidoscope, perfectly timed so that each member’s movement slides into the next.

HYO – “Punk Right Now”

If the strength and speed of these movements don’t prove to you that this routine is a workout, then maybe the sweat on Hyoyeon’s forehead will. She could have earned those abs practicing this choreography alone, and she looks incredible doing it.

(G)I-DLE – “Hann” (Alone)

With sleek, smooth moves that flow like water, (G)I-DLE is making a name for themselves for their choreography in the K-pop world. “Hann” is full of hip rolls and stomach contorting moves that I don’t even want to think about doing, but I’m glad they do and I get to watch.

MOMOLAND – “Bboom Bboom”

Looking past the signature move here, which is very fun and reminiscent of CL’s “The Baddest Female,” this routine looks tough with so many moves in the span of 30 seconds, but it sure does look good.

IKON – “Killing Me”

The fast footwork here is impressive, but let’s talk about how half of this dance is performed in some variation of the squat position. I can feel the burn in my thighs just from watching.

Let us know your favorite dance routines from 2018 in the comments below!

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