BTS Wins Daesang At 28th Seoul Music Awards + Takes Home 3 Trophies In Total

BTS won the Daesang (grand prize) at the 28th Seoul Music Awards!

The ceremony was held on January 15, and BTS took home three trophies that evening, also including a Bonsang (main award) and the Best Album award for “Love Yourself: Tear.”

This is the second year in a row that BTS has won the Daesang from the Seoul Music Awards.

When leader RM took to the mic, he said, “First, I sincerely thank ARMY all over the world for giving us this Daesang twice, when it’s hard for an artist to receive it even once. I’m not sure if you’ll believe me, but BTS is a fan of you too. What I mean is that we receive inspiration from your stories, energy, and voices, and they inspire us when we’re working on music and give us energy when we perform. So I hope that you know that these performances and music are born out of your immense inspiration and influence; you are a part of our albums and performances. That’s why we’re your fans.”

“It’s common to feel restless at the end and beginning of the year, right?” he continued. “I’ve been needlessly feeling like I need to look back on things, wondering ‘Am I living well? Am I doing a good job?’ and making new years resolutions that I will soon forget. After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that we should just do what we’ve been doing, and do it well. I looked up videos from our early debut days to see why we worked so hard then, why we started this, why our seven members came to Big Hit and formed the group known as BTS together. In the end I saw that everything was the music, performances, and all of you. The performances and music that we’ve shown you so far and will show you in the future are all fan letters sent to you from us as fans. I hope that you’ll read the sounds of those fan letters. We’ll be each other’s fans and each other’s idols. We’ll work hard. We love you.”

Jungkook said, “First, I want to say thank you to our leader Namjoon, who just gave a great speech. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have been in BTS, so I want to say I’m so grateful. We’ve received a Daesang and also the Best Album award earlier. In our lives, we think about small things and carry out actions. If it weren’t for all of you, we not only wouldn’t be able to have such happy thoughts, we also wouldn’t be able to do so many things in our lives. Thank you for allowing us to know such a precious life. Since we debuted as BTS, you’ve always communicated with us and co-existed with us. ARMY is in our hearts, and we are in yours. So we’ll always be together, and we’ll continue to be happy. Ah, we really worked so hard today, and I’m feeling proud. I really love you, and I thank you. ARMY, I love you!”

Jimin was next to step up to the microphone. He said, “First, thank you so, so much. Earlier, Ryu Seung Ryong said that when we’re in this spot we call out to the fans. I thought about that, and I think it’s bound to happen. The reason is that you listen to our music, watch our performances, and become our reason, so of course we talk about you. We work hard because we want to make all of you happy. Thank you for this award, and I love you.”

V also got fans excited with an announcement. He said, “I’ve been taking photographs for five years. When I take photos, all the photos in my camera have been made by ARMY. All those memories and traces, they’re all made by ARMY. Because of that, I’ve prepared a gift in 2019. It will come out soon. I hope you look forward to it a lot. I worked really hard, so please look forward to it a lot. Thank you.”

When asked what the group plans to do after the show, Suga said that plans are to head back to the studio to work on their album.

Congratulations to BTS!

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