On January 16, MBC’s “Radio Star” will be reaching 600 episodes! In celebration, the show released an interview of the four MCs of the show, Kim Kook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Gura, and Cha Tae Hyun.

Kim Kook Jin expressed, “Getting through year after year has brought us to 600 episodes. We’ve come far. We have four guests on each episode, so with 600 episodes we’ve met approximately 2000 guests. We’ve talked with lots of people for several hours.”

Yoon Jong Shin shared that he believes the show could come so far because the MCs comfortably chatted with the guests as if they had just met on the spot for the first time.

Regarding any guests they would like to have on the show in the future, Yoon Jong Shin said, “We MCs don’t have anyone in mind, though the producers probably do. That’s how the MCs are. When the producers bring a guest to the show, we adjust ourselves to them,” and Kim Kook Jin added, “We only find out who the guest is once we arrive at the set. We don’t get to prepare in advance, so we just follow our own flow when we’re filming.”

Lastly, the MCs thanked viewers for helping the show survive for so long. Kim Gura stated, “Thank you for watching every week. We will do our best to stay competitive.” Cha Tae Hyun also chimed in to say, “The producers are working hard to create fun topics for even the most ordinary guests, so please look forward to it. We will do our best to make the show interesting.”

“Radio Star” premiered on May 30, 2007 as a small section of “Golden Fishery.” It used to be overshadowed by the more popular section, “Knee Drop Guru,” but with time “Radio Star” became one of the most popular late night talk shows in Korea. It is often a place where celebrities can show a new side to themselves and viewers can find out about things they were truly curious about.

Congratulations to “Radio Star” on reaching 600 episodes! Watch the latest episode on Viki:

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