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JTBC’s “SKY Castle” has enjoyed impressive viewership ratings for its captivating storyline, veteran and rookie actors’ acting chops, and hair-raising mystery surrounding the second half of the show.

With only four episodes left until the conclusion of JTBC’s “SKY Castle,” here are three things to look forward to.

1. The Culprit Behind Kim Hye Na’s Fall

In the show, Kim Hye Na (Kim Bo Ra) was killed after a mysterious fall at a guest house located in the Castle. Amid the possibility of Hye Na’s death being a murder case, Hwang Woo Joo (SF9’s Chani) was taken in by the police as a prime suspect due to the actions of Han Seo Jin (Yeom Jung Ah) and Kim Joo Young (Kim Seo Hyung). Seo Jin joined hands with Kim Joo Young to make Woo Joo a scapegoat because she was worried that her daughter Kang Ye Seo (Kim Hye Yoon) might be the actual culprit, as Ye Seo and Hye Na were known to be on bad terms. Because Woo Joo’s skin tissue was found under Hye Na’s nails and black box images showing a person wearing a red sweater that was identical to the one Woo Joo had been wearing at the time of the fall was also discovered, Woo Joo was ultimately accused of being Hye Na’s killer.

However, as it was revealed that Kim Joo Young and Hye Na had met, new suspicions were added to the murder case. Hye Na, who discovered that Kim Joo Young had leaked test papers, attempted to make a deal with the coordinator by saying, “Please make sure Kang Ye Seo is rejected from Seoul National University’s School of Medicine.” Kim Joo Young responded by asking, “Are you not afraid of anything?” Lee Soo Im (Lee Tae Ran), who learned about the meeting between the two, was convinced Kim Joo Young was the real culprit, but the evidence found by the police still pointed to Woo Joo as the murderer.

With so many questions and suspicious actions of various characters, the real culprit is expected to be revealed in the future episodes.

2. A Couple’s Choices

Another point of interest is what decision Seo Jin and Kang Joon Sang (Jung Joon Ho) will make. Seo Jin found out that Kim Joo Young had used leaked test papers as Ye Seo’s practice problems through Hye Na’s secret recording of their conversation. Until now, Seo Jin had never given up on using Kim Joo Young for the sake of Ye Seo’s college admissions. However, because Ye Seo using leaked test papers is a serious matter that could affect her life, many viewers are curious to see how they will cover this up. In the preview clip for episode 17, Seo Jin states, “Ye Seo, I could never give up on your life,” as tears roll down her face, further adding to the questions of what she will do.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin’s husband Joon Sang belatedly learned that Hye Na had been his daughter all along. Joon Sang, who had hurt Hye Na’s feelings by calling illegitimate children “a nuisance,” hadn’t been able to save her at the hospital either, as he had given priority to the hospital director’s grandson. In the preview clip for episode 17, Joon Sang regrets what he had done to Hye Na, as he says, “How can I act as a doctor if I kill my own child without even knowing it?” His future actions, along with how he will now react to Hye Na’s murder case is a point of interest for many viewers.

3. The Course Of Cha Min Hyuk’s Pyramid

Another interesting family of the Castle is the Cha family. After Cha Min Hyuk (Kim Byung Chul) described the pain of his sons’ friends as “a golden opportunity to raise grades,” Cha Seo Joon (Kim Dong Hee) and Cha Ki Joon (Cho Byung Gyu) exploded in anger. Ki Joon’s actions in particular drew interest as he valiantly threw his father’s cherished pyramid model to the ground. No Seung Hye (Yoon Se Ah) works together with her kids to lock Cha Min Hyuk out of their home until his anger cools down.

It is clear that now, Seung Hye and her children will not accept Min Hyuk’s controlling behavior. However, it is not likely that Min Hyuk, who continuously emphasizes the importance of the top of the pyramid, will step down. Many viewers are wondering if Seung Hye, the twins, and Cha Se Ri (Park Yoo Na) will be able to find their own happiness.

“SKY Castle” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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