Lee Yi Kyung Talks About Working With Kim Sun Ah And VIXX's N On

Actor Lee Yi Kyung recently gave a long interview about his career after the finale of MBC’s “Children of Nobody.”

After talking about his upcoming role in the second season of “Waikiki,” Lee Yi Kyung touched on the topic of his co-stars in “Children of Nobody.”

“I saw Kim Sun Ah for the first time at a café in the Shinsadong neighborhood. I’d just finished filming ‘Pocha Beyond Borders’ and was neatly dressed and very nervous. She thought it was cute. Maybe because of that, she smiled a lot during our first meeting. Afterwards, I liked to try and make her laugh.”

He continued, “I received a lot of advice about acting too. If I sent her a long text message, she would reply with a phone call and gave me a lot of help about characters and acting on set as well. It must’ve been hard for her just to play her own character, so I was grateful that she took the time for me.”

About Cha Hak Yeon (VIXX’s N), he said, “The director and I talked about this as well, but Hak Yeon is very earnest. After he prepared something, he would ask me if it was okay and reviewed our lines a lot.”

He continued, “I like impromptu acting and Hak Yeon likes well-prepared acting so it was very interesting to match up our different styles. He has a lot of sense as well. I think that I was very lucky to have been able to met him. He also thinks that I’m fun in our personal interactions as well. He says that it’s funny every time he looks at me.”

When asked about their personal conversations, he said, “Hak Yeon’s character died and he wrapped up the drama earlier than the rest of us. When I asked him what he was doing, he would send me selfies captioned, ‘I finished filming and I’m lying down’ and ‘I’m ordering fried chicken.'”

You can watch “Children of Nobody” on Viki below:

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