Yoon Kye Sang Shares His Thoughts On Acting And g.o.d's 20th Anniversary

Yoon Kye Sang shared this thoughts on his acting career and g.o.d in a recent interview with MBN.

After debuting as a member of g.o.d in 1999, Yoon Kye Sang launched his acting career in 2004 with the film “Flying Boys,” winning the Best New Actor award for the Baeksang Arts Awards in the process. Since his debut, he’s been greeting the public with his strong presence as an actor.

After taking on his first villain role in 2017 with “The Outlaws,” Yoon Kye Sang broadened his acting skills with the recent release and success of “Malmoe: The Secret Mission.”

In the interview, Yoon Kye Sang said, “There were times when I felt a lot of pressure as an actor. There were also times when I had a lot of ambitious desire to receive good reviews. I received a lot of help through ‘The Outlaws.’ My compatibility with the movie was good, but what I felt through this film was that you eventually have to go along with the [flow of the film.] I felt that it’s not important to do well but that it’s important to become an actor that can trust the movie to take care of them.”

Yoon Kye Sang also revealed his honest feelings about acting. He shared, “I still lack confidence in acting. As an actor, I think I should say precisely how I’ve acted. Discussions about whether I did well or poorly should come after. I always have regrets, as I could have done better. I have a lot of concerns about whether I could have acted more in certain parts. I’m still lacking.”

The actor then added, “The last 15 years were a necessity for me. There were times when I was extremely sensitive. With that in mind, I was really happy in 2017. There were times when I was arrogant and vain because I felt as if my hard work had been acknowledged, but now, all those times have come together and have given me positive energy. I wonder if I’m moving forward now because of these past events. There are times when I’m suddenly curious about my past acting. Honestly, when I’m filming, I tend to project the emotions from the project I’m working on. I sometimes regret it while watching, but I don’t think there’s anything I would throw away. I think I’ve spent my time well. At the very center was sincerity and desperation. Acting is awfully difficult, but it’s so much fun.”

Currently, Yoon Kye Sang shared that he enjoyed a new aspect of acting: the fun of communicating with other actors. He explained, “Now, I feel the atmosphere and mood of the film setting. I talked a lot with the ‘Malmoe’ team. They’re all fierce actors. There are no actors who have it easy. I shared my opinions fiercely with the director and actors, and my face was also swollen because we drank everyday.”

This year is also g.o.d’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the group released a special album “THEN&NOW” on January 10, and they presented fans with a concert on January 13 to celebrate their anniversary.

About the concert, Yoon Kye Sang said, “First, I want to apologize to the fans. I made too many mistakes. Even though it’s familiar choreography that I’ve been doing for 20 years, I kept making mistakes, perhaps due to my age. After turning 40, I forget parts here and there. All the members really respect Park Joon Hyung.”

Yoon Kye Sang also shared that fans sang along so loudly that he could barely hear himself singing. He remarked, “Fans in their twenties who didn’t know us that well in the past were so enthusiastic because they didn’t see us back then. However, the fans who enjoyed our music in the past were lost in their own world, thinking, ‘I was like that in the past.’ I feel as if we’re acting as a means of communication to share our longings for the past.”

When asked about where he saw himself in 10 years, Yoon Kye Sang shared his desire to keep holding concerts while jokingly adding that it was getting too difficult for him to keep dancing. He commented, “I want to add everything that I think is important to my life. When g.o.d. is together, the good part is not that we’re making money, but that we’re making new memories like the ones we shared together in the past.”

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