GFRIEND Talks About Eunha's Viral Moment At 28th Seoul Music Awards + Tells Stories From Filming

On the January 21 broadcast of SBS’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” GFRIEND appeared as guests!

Park So Hyun asked Eunha about her moment at the 28th Seoul Music Awards that went viral. When the group won the Dance Performance Award, one of the microphones on stage had been too high for Eunha. She was unable to reach it to share her speech, so she switched to another shorter mic.

Eunha said, “A lot of singers found the mic too high so they tilted it to the side when they were giving their speech. I had no idea it would be such a big topic of conversation.” When asked if there was anything she hadn’t been able to say at the time because she was flustered, Eunha said, “There’s nothing that I wasn’t able to say, but I do feel disappointed because I stuttered.”

The group also talked about what it was like to film their new music video for “Sunrise” in the winter while wearing light clothing. Park So Hyun asked the members how they dealt with the cold during filming, particularly in the scenes in the forest.

Sowon replied, “I cried when filming that scene, since it was so cold.” When asked what the most difficult part of the MV shoot was, Eunha replied that her hands had felt like they were freezing when she was filming her piano scene outdoors.

She added, “We also ran in a tunnel. It was really cold there; it was a Han River bridge. It was really cold, but luckily they filmed it very quickly so we ended it fast.”

Watch GFRIEND’s new “Sunrise” music video here!

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