Big Hit's New Group TXT Says Hello To Fans For The First Time Via New Twitter Account

TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) will be communicating with their fans through a new Twitter account!

The upcoming five-member boy group from Big Hit Entertainment is gearing up for their debut, and has so far released a series of introduction films and photos.

After sharing their group photo and film on January 24, TXT tweeted for the first time on their new account TXT_members. They first wrote, “Hello! This is TXT’s official Twitter.”

Leader Soobin then tweeted, “Hello this is TOMORROW X TOGETHER Soobin! I wanted to communicate with all of you even a moment sooner, and our official account has finally been opened! I’m happily writing the first post.”

“I sincerely thank everyone who’s already showing lots of interest in us and sending us love!!! Thanks to you, I’m still spending every day feeling so excited and happy. We’re all working hard to prepare for our performance together, so please keep showing interest and watching out for us! See you soon.”

Yeonjun was the next member to tweet. He wrote, “Hello, everyone!!! This is TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun!!! This is my first introduction on Twitter, but if you wait just a bit more, I’ll come back soon. Also, thank you for all the interest and love even though we haven’t even debuted yet!!! I’m really so touched.” He added a play on words for the sound of crying.

“We’ll try to show you a lot of great sides of ourselves in the future, so please look forward to us and love us! Thank you.”

Beomgyu tweeted, “Hello! I’m Beomgyu!!! Did you enjoy watching the introduction film?? We wanted to communicate with everyone even just a bit sooner, so we’re tweeting!! I’ll come on often in the future to talk with you, so please look forward to that a lot, and please love TOMORROW X TOGETHER a lot!!”

The group’s maknae (youngest member) Taehyun then introduced himself. He wrote, “Hello! I’m TXT’s lovable maknae Taehyun. Did you all watch our introduction film? We haven’t debuted yet but we wanted to communicate with you first, so we came on Twitter! Please show a lot of love for TXT.”

Lastly, Hueningkai wrote, “Everyone!!!!!! Hello!!! I’m TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s cutie Hueningkai! I’m feeling really excited to be introducing myself on Twitter here after the release of the art film. I’ll keep communicating with you via Twitter in the future, and I’ll work hard to show you a lot of good sides of myself!!! I ask for your interest and love.”

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