Kim Jae Hwan's Agency Releases Official Statement About Personal Information Leak

Kim Jae Hwan’s agency, Swing Entertainment, has released an official statement about the leak of Kim Jae Hwan’s personal information online.

Read their full statement below:

Hello, this is the person in charge of Kim Jae Hwan’s fanclub. We are releasing an official statement in response to the leak of Kim Jae Hwan’s personal information.

On January 25 at 2 a.m., Kim Jae Hwan’s personal ID and contact information began spreading after being posted to one community site. We have confirmed that the leaker took Kim Jae Hwan’s login ID that was briefly revealed when the fan café first opened and used it to search his other personal information such as on Google.

We deeply regret that these things occurred because we were not able to prevent Kim Jae Hwan’s information being leaked during the [fan café] opening. We sincerely apologize to Kim Jae Hwan, who had to go through this difficult thing, and to all the fans who were worried about him.

All the revealed information, such as his contact information and login IDs, have been deleted or changed after we learned of the leak. We ask that you do not try and contact the leaked phone number [which Kim Jae Hwan no longer uses] and cause harm to someone else who has nothing to do with this matter.

We have also seen that people are copying Kim Jae Hwan’s leaked usernames in order to write and/or press ‘like’ on inappropriate comments, trying to spread rumors about Kim Jae Hwan. We will issue a strong legal response to anyone who tries to defame our artist’s reputation.

It is a crime to collect, defame, violate, steal, leak, and disseminate people’s private information, and we ask that people stop this behavior.

Once again, we apologize to Kim Jae Hwan and all those who love him for causing them concern and we will work harder to become an agency that prevents these things from happening.

Earlier this month, Swing Entertainment announced that they would be taking action against malicious posts about Kim Jae Hwan, who is preparing to make his debut as a solo artist.

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