Ha Sung Woon’s Agency Shares Statement Regarding Legal Action On Malicious Commenters

Ha Sung Woon’s agency has announced details regarding decisions made on taking legal action for malicious posts against the artist.

On January 29, Ha Sung Woon’s agency Star Crew Entertainment released an official statement via his fan cafe.

The statement reads as follows:


This is Star Crew ENT.

First of all, we express gratitude to the fans who always give lots of support and love to Ha Sung Woon.

We are sharing an announcement regarding the malicious posts and comments that fans were most worried about.

After discussing with Sung Woon and his family for a long time, we have decided to not take legal action on the malicious posts and comments until now.

We ask for your understanding and respect of Sung Woon and his family’s opinion on this decision.

However, strong legal action will be taken on future malicious posts and comments including sexual harassment, personal attacks, and defamation.

A board is being prepared for fans to report [such content]. Another announcement will be made soon, and we ask for your cooperation.

Following the recent conclusion of Wanna One activities, Ha Sung Woon released his first digital single and is preparing for his upcoming solo debut.

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