Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, And Kim Sang Kyung Share Stories Behind Memorable Scenes In “The Crowned Clown”

The cast of “The Crowned Clown” unveiled fun stories behind their drama.

On February 5, tvN aired a special episode featuring actors Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, and Kim Sang Kyung who portray leads Ha Sun/Lee Heon, Yoo So Yoon, and Lee Kyu.

Kim Sang Kyung began, “Merry Happy Chuseok. No wait, it’s Seollal (Lunar New Year). It’s because we began filming at Chuseok. I’m sure many people were waiting to watch the broadcast and are wondering why we appeared. We prepared a special broadcast so that you can spend a better Seollal.”

TV personality Great Library appeared wearing a mask and began reciting one of Ha Sun’s lines. He then burst into laughter and commented that he couldn’t do it. When he said to Lee Se Young, “I’ve seen your true self, but you look so serious on TV,” the actress joked, “This is actually me acting and that’s the real me.”

The actors then shared stories and secrets behind certain scenes in the drama. When the scene of Ha Sun and Lee Heon’s first meeting was brought up, Yeo Jin Goo talked about the difficulty of portraying two characters. “It was my first scene, so I was really nervous because I didn’t know how to film it,” he said. Kim Sang Kyung added, “It was a scene the director took a lot of care with because he had to capture Lee Heon and Ha Sun in one frame.”

About the scene where Lee Heon confronts Yoo So Yoon and tries to kiss her, Lee Se Young said, “The viewers’ reactions were better than I thought.” Yeo Jin Goo added, “So Yoon is the only person that Lee Heon wants to feel affection from, and I actually felt upset in real life. The director pointed out that I stomped loudly when leaving like an angry person. But I stomped while leaving because I was really upset.”

Kim Sang Kyung explained his flying kick by saying, “Yeo Jin Goo’s facial expression while looking at me was so funny. This was actually an homage to ‘Memories of Murder.’ That fly kick was something that Song Kang Ho did to me. The line in the movie was, ‘Is this a clown kingdom?’ but I couldn’t do it because it was too direct.” Speaking about their great chemistry with Jang Gwang, Kim Sang Kyung said, “The three of us work really well together. We found out that he’s the youngest of eight siblings. He’s so cute.” About Yoo So Yoon and Ha Seon’s bridge scene, Kim Sang Kyung revealed, “Personally, that’s my favorite scene. I cried because it was so beautiful.”

When the scene of him stabbing Yeo Jin Goo began to play, Kim Sang Kyung said, “After that episode aired, I got a lot of phone calls asking me where that was. That was filmed right before it got cold, but it the chill caught us unaware. It was really cold at dawn. That facial expression isn’t a serious expression, but rather my face being frozen from the cold. I climbed up and the view was so nice. I didn’t know when there were clouds, but I could see the city after the clouds lifted.”

Yeo Jin Goo also talked about filming a kiss scene in the library. Yeo Jin Goo said, “Before we start filming, we call the library hell. It’s quite difficult to film in the library. We have to clean up while filming in order for the camera to go in.” Kim Sang Kyung added, “Until yesterday, the Queen had never been the one to kiss someone first, so this was meaningful.”

Watching Lee Heon and Yoo So Yoon sleeping together, Lee Se Young commented, “During that scene, Yeo Jin Goo had to throw me to the ground, so I had a headache.” About the part where Yeo Jin Goo untied her clothes, she continued, “Yeo Jin Goo did a good job untying it. But since the director is a woman, she personally demonstrated.”

When Lee Heon’s death scene appeared, Kim Sang Kyung said, “My heart hurt when the script talked about how nice it would’ve been if I were his dad. He had suppressed his sadness. The scene before this where he ate a meal in an underground tunnel was also sad. It was so cold on this day that it was difficult to just stand. I told Yeo Jin Goo that it’d be a scene that would forever last in the memory of an actor.”

Praising Yeo Jin Goo’s acting, he added, “That scene looks as if it was filmed in one take, but we had to constantly move around because water kept coming in. It’s difficult for an actor to carry on emotions, but I thought it was really amazing. He continued to film many other scenes.”

Yeo Jin Goo concluded, “I’m getting lots of advice from senior actors and the filming crew, but I think I’m going to have to seek more advice. I’ll film healthily since many people are giving me love.” Kim Sang Kyung added, “If this was a play, we’re ending the first act and beginning the second act. We’ll end it well with as much energy as the first act. Please be with ‘The Crowned Clown’ on Mondays and Tuesdays.”

“The Crowned Clown” will next air on February 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode with English subtitles below:

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