Idols Born In 1995 Send Messages To Their Future And Past Selves

As many all over the world celebrate Lunar New Year, this year is somewhat special for those born in 1995 in Korea. By Korean reckoning, 95-ers are 25 years old this year, which means they have just hit the halfway point of their 20s. With this in mind, various idols born in 1995 were asked to say something to either their past 20-year-old selves or their future 30-year-old selves. Here are their messages in chronological order of their birthdays!

JBJ95’s Kenta – January 10

“Hello 30-year-old Kenta. The 25-year-old me has anxious feelings because I don’t know what will happen in my future. But since I’m me, I’ll probably be smiling a lot even when I’m 30, right? I hope that I’m learning a lot and am happy like I am right now. I’ll work hard right now so that I can be even happier when I’m 30. Take care of yourself, and become a great Kenta that never forgets to be thankful!”

N.Flying’s Yoo Hwe Seung – February 28

“Hello Hwe Seung, it’s Hwe Seung. Congratulations on turning 30 haha… Oh, sorry, it must be pretty serious for you, right? But don’t worry, the 25-year-old you always worked hard for 30-year-old you. So you’ll have become a 30-year-old N.Flying’s Yoo Hwe Seung that’s receiving love for great music. Then, see you~”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein – April 17

“Twenty-year-old Wheein… There were such joyful and happy moments since achieving the dream of becoming a singer, which you dreamt of since you were young. Since it was the beginning, everything was interesting and you were overflowing with passion. Thinking of back then, it reminds me of my roots. Since it’s a time that I can’t return to anyways, let’s enjoy now even more!”

Choo Hwa Jung – May 10

“To 20-year-old Hwa Jung. You have a lot that you want to do, and a lot that you want to achieve. I hope that you work hard and slowly, firmly do the things you want and the things you’re good at.”

“To 30-year-old Hwa Jung. I hope that when you’re in your 30s, you’ve achieved the things you wanted to some extent. I hope you do well and become someone who helps those around you.”

JBJ95’s Kim Sang Gyun – May 23

“Hello, the front digit [of your age] has changed from two to three. I hope that you’re healthier and happier when you’re 30 years old than you are now. Since you’ve promoted and worked hard in your 20s, you’ll probably be happier then. I hope that the people who love and support you are still by your side. Make sure you eat all your meals, and good luck.”

VIXX’s Hyuk – July 5

“Thirty-year-old Hyuk, you debuted in your teens as VIXX, and somehow you’re already in your 30s. I’m proud but also touched. A lot has happened throughout your life. I wonder what it would feel like for you to look back on your 20s as someone in your 30s? I’m curious as to whether you have any moments you regret. But still, since I know you better than anyone, I’m confident that that time was meaningful, filled with experiences and learning. You’ve worked hard throughout this time, to become someone in your 30s with a healthy body and mind. I want to tell you good job. Good job, Hyuk!”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – July 23

“Thirty-year-old Hwasa is probably a cooler singer and musician, right? I’ll do my best today for my 30-year-old self, so that I can be excited for and anticipate my future!”

SF9’s Dawon – July 24

“Hello Dawon, you’re already 30 years old. You’re probably dreaming even bigger dreams than you are now. Let’s do well. Your family is depending on you. You can do it, right? Don’t just say you can’t do it. To someone at least once, you are…”

VERIVERY’s Dongheon – August 4

“Hello 20-year-old Dongheon. You’ve probably just come to Seoul and are having a hard time, but those times are going to build up and are going to become your assets! You’re going to debut in 2019 in the year of the golden pig and receive a lot of love from a lot of people! So hang in there a little longer, you’ve worked really hard. I’m so proud of you. Dongheon, let’s always become someone who knows how to be thankful, good luck! I always love you and support you.”

gugudan’s Haebin – August 16

“Thirty-year-old Haebin, I wonder if I’m supposed to address you formally since you’re older than me? I don’t know what I’ll be like then, so I’m really curious! You’re probably happy, healthy, and working hard, right? Thank you so much. You’re not exhausted or tired, are you? You’ve worked really hard, and you’ve done well. So I wanted to tell you that it’ll get better. I’ll work hard too, for an even better 30-year-old me! Let’s go! I love you.”

ONEUS’s Ravn – September 2

“Hello Young Jo [Ravn’s real name]. I’m sure that when 30 years old, you will have achieved everything you’ve wanted! Right now, I have a lot of things that are lacking, but I think that I will slowly and gradually be achieving my goals. Take care of your health, and let’s always become someone great who takes good care of others.”

CLC’s Seunghee – October 10

“It’s been hard with your slow and carefree nature to jump into intense work life for the past five years, hasn’t it? Still, I want to sincerely praise you for enduring it as your self that’s made it to the halfway point. I think it’s your reward for working hard and having good fortune with people for having met such great members and fans. I hope that for the rest of your 20s you’ll live your life so that when you’re 30 years old, your excitement is bigger than your regrets. I hope that you spend a confident, valuable five years so that the Oh Seunghee in her 20s becomes the brightest and strongest outline of the Oh Seunghee in her 30s and Oh Seunghee as a person. You’re someone who truly has the right to be loved, and you will become someone who will always share love with others! Good luck, and let’s do well.”

gugudan’s Nayoung – November 23

“Hello Nayoung! You’ve worked hard and somehow become 30 years old already. You’ve already hit your eight-year anniversary as a singer. When you were younger, you always wanted to be in your 20s… how does it feel to be 30 years old? Is there a lot of change? I think of it as another beginning. Let’s go forward! Are you making music that comforts people? You worked hard in your 20s to achieve your dream of ‘making music that comforts.’ I’m curious if you’ve achieved your dream. But still, you have a lot of time and opportunities, so don’t feel too impatient! Aren’t you doing something that you love? I think there’s nothing to be more thankful and happier for, doing what you love. You’re someone who’s truly happy. So let’s promote hard to do the things we want, to achieve the dreams we have! Good luck gugudan! Good luck Kim Nayoung!”

GFRIEND’s Sowon – December 7

“You’ve worked really hard and are doing well now. I hope that now you can be happy and carefree while doing the things you do. If you become more carefree, don’t you think you can take care of those around you a little better? Good luck!”

PENTAGON’s Shinwon – December 11

“Shinwon, the road ahead is full of difficulties. But there’s going to be just as much happiness following, so work hard as you do. Be stronger, you’re going to debut.”

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