gugudan Shares How They Feel After Taking Home 2 Gold Medals From “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

In an interview with Sports Chosun, gugudan talked about winning two gold medals at the “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special”!

gugudan won gold in the female events for archery and bowling, appearing in both the February 5 and 6 episodes of the Lunar New Year holiday special. They also took home a bronze medal in the 400-meter relay.

The gugudan members said, “We’re happy to receive two gold medals from the ‘2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special’ which marks the beginning of the new year. We were able to work harder because we gained strength from the support of Dear Friends [gugudan’s official fan club].”

They shared, “To be honest, we practiced bowling for a month. We took part with the mindset of ‘Let’s play a match without being nervous,’ but we ended up getting a gold medal for a win that we’d never imagined, and even achieved a record score. It was meaningful and we were so happy. It was also so great that we could do a victory ceremony.”

“We practiced archery for half a month,” they shared. “Since our practice time was short, we were very worried and nervous. There are so many teams that are great at it, so we went into the match wanting to show the best that we can do, rather than worrying about the results. We were really happy that we received a medal for the second year in a row, following last year. We want to share this honor with our fellow gugudan members and Dear Friends who were together with us.”

They added, “We wish you a Happy New Year, and let’s run together! Thank you.”

In the archery semifinals and finals, gugudan achieved an average score of nine points and grabbed the gold medal. Their score of 91 out of 100 in the finals was the highest score ever for female athletes in the show’s event. They also set a record of 155 in bowling, beating the previous record of 127. To celebrate, Kim Sejeong tried bowling while carrying Ahn Young Mi on her back for a victory ceremony, and amazed everyone when she still managed to score a strike!

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