Watch: Jang Ki Yong, Yoo In Na, And Lee Dong Wook Can’t Stop Smiling Behind The Scenes Of “Touch Your Heart”

tvN’s “Touch Your Heart” has released fun behind-the-scenes videos from filming!

In the first video, the staff introduced and applauded actor Jang Ki Yong, who made a special appearance in the drama. After listening to director Park Joon Hwa’s instructions, Jang Ki Yong and Yoo In Na began filming a scene together. Although he was supposed to cry, he ended up bursting into laughter due to Yoo In Na’s irresistible cuteness.

After filming an action scene in which he saves Yoo In Na, Jang Ki Yong greeted the viewers and shared his thoughts on participating in the drama.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to appear in this great drama,” he said. “Even though it was brief, I got to work together with Yoo In Na and had fun filming action scenes. It was a meaningful time. I’ll also be sincerely cheering the drama on. Good luck, ‘Touch Your Heart’!”

In the second clip, Yoo In Na filmed her first day of work as a secretary at Always Law Firm. The director laughed at the actress’s skillful acting and applauded her.

Later on, a staff member spotted her reading and asked if she liked to read. She replied with a laugh, “I like buying books, but do I have to read the entire thing? Can’t I just read them little by little?” Her manager added, “She reads one page in the airplane and falls asleep.”

Yoo In Na explained, “I went on a trip for five nights and six days, and I had six books. I read one page and fell asleep, read another page and fell asleep.” Her manager joked, “She takes [the books] with her to fall asleep, because she has insomnia.”

Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na then discussed how to film a scene in which she gets drunk and walks towards him. Once again, the director was in awe of her acting, and Lee Dong Wook patted her on the back to cheer her on. The director also demonstrated how she should fall, and thanks to the hard work of the actors and staff, the filming ended successfully.

Lee Dong Wook told viewers, “Be careful not to catch a cold. Today’s my second time filming in Jung Rok’s house. This is my home [in the drama], but I feel awkward because I don’t know where anything is.”

The leads continued to practice between takes, sharing playful moments and having fun on set.

“Touch Your Heart” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode below!

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