Idols Graduate From Hanlim Arts School And Lila Art High School

On February 12, graduation ceremonies were held for Hanlim Arts School and Lila Art High School.

Several idols, most born in 2000, graduated and posed for press on the special day.

Check out some of the photos below!

Bae Jin Young (Lila Art High School)

Bae Jin Young graduated from Lila Art High School and shared that he will miss school life. On what he wants to do as a legal adult, he shared, “I want to get my driver’s license and have a drink with my father.”

TWICE’s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung (Hanlim Arts School)

Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are a year older than most 2019 graduates as they took a break before entering high school. They both expressed gratitude for their teachers and school friends. Chaeyoung also revealed, “Our members congratulated us this morning. Nayeon gave us flowers with handwritten cards. I was touched.” 

IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae Won (Hanlim Arts School)

Kim Min Ju, who is a School of Performing Arts Seoul student, attended in support of Kim Chae Won. Kim Chae Won remarked, “I sincerely thank everyone who has congratulated me on graduating,” and added, “As I have become an adult now, I want to show more maturity as IZ*ONE and Kim Chae Won, and I want to impress by improving myself in various areas.” 

ASTRO’s Sanha (Hanlim Arts School)

ASTRO members Rocky, Moonbin, and JinJin, all Hanlim Arts School graduates, were present in support of Sanha. Rocky didn’t receive his diploma last year, so he also received his this year.

fromis_9’s Chaeyoung (Hanlim Arts School)

Chaeyoung graduated from Hanlim Arts School with the support of all fromis_9 members. She shared, “When I entered school three years ago, my goal was to debut. I am so happy to have debuted as fromis_9 and to attend graduation with my members.” She added, “Congratulations to the many people graduating today, and I will work to impress with fromis_9 again this year.”

The Boyz’s Hwall and Sunwoo (Hanlim Arts School)

Hwall and Sunwoo both graduated from Hanlim Arts School.

Golden Child’s Bomin (Hanlim Arts School)

Golden Child members Daeyeol, Jaehyun, and Tag attended in support of their youngest member Bomin. 

TRCNG’s Jisung and Hyunwoo (Hanlim Arts School)

Jisung and Hyunwoo of TRCNG graduated from Hanlim Arts School, as well.

GWSN’s Anne (Hanlim Arts School)

Anne graduated with the support of her GWSN members, including current Hanlim Arts School students Minju and Lena.

LIPBUBBLE’s Eunbyeol (Hanlim Arts School)

Eunbyeol attended graduation along with her LIPBUBBLE members.

DreamNote’s Miso (Hanlim Arts School)

All members of DreamNote attended to support Miso at her graduation.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

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