Another Level Of Girl Power: 10 Times We Fangirled Over BLACKPINK

Everyone in the world has probably heard of BLACKPINK by now. They’re a K-pop sensation that is bringing a whole other meaning to the phrase, “Girl Power.” They’re a force to reckon with, that’s for sure. They’re breaking records left, right, and center and it looks as though there’s nothing that is going to slow them down. Here’s a look at 10 times we fangirled hard over BLACKPINK.

1. When BLACKPINK became the FIRST K-pop girl group to receive YouTube’s Diamond Play Button

On July of 2018, BLACKPINK hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube, making them the first K-pop girl group to do so. Crazy isn’t it? They looked flawless receiving it, too.

2. When they spoke English flawlessly during their BILLBOARD interview

That accent, though. *Heart eyes*

3. Their cover dance of BIGBANG’s “Good Boy” and “Ringa Ling”

I just love it when YG artists cover each other’s dances and songs. It makes it feel like a real family. *tears*

4. When Jennie bawled like a baby on “Running Man.”

On “Running Man,” Jennie had to go through a haunted house in order to succeed in the mission. She had initially entered the haunted house with a lot of confidence but was crippled with fear as soon as she entered. Low and behold, she couldn’t contain her tears. The innocence of Jennie was just too precious to handle! We must protect her!

This appearance on “Running Man” also opened the doors for Jennie to be a guest again on the show as well as other variety shows!

5. When they collaborated with DUA LIPA

Queens can rule the world.

The song was an obvious hit.

6. Their cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing”

This cover legit gave me chills. The girls mentioned that this was the first song that Yang Hyun Suk had actually approved and liked the girls singing. So much swag, so in love.

7. Pretty much any time Rosé plays the guitar

8. BLACKPINK at the Universal Music’s Grammy artists showcase

Um, how much hotter can they get?!

This was their performance at the pre-Grammy brunch:

They played alongside the likes of Post Malone, 2Chainz, YG, and other very respectable artists!

9. Their U.S. debut on Good Morning America!

When BLACKPINK announced that they were traveling to the United States, where they would be performing on several big shows, we couldn’t have been more ecstatic for the group. Being able to show how awesome BLACKPINK is to a different part of the world brought a sense of pride and it also represented the growing respect for K-pop and its entertainers!

“BLACKPINK is the revolution.”

10. When they all opened Instagram accounts

This meant that we could fangirl over them on the regular. How amazing is it that they post as frequently as they do?!

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�dda4 �dda4 �dda4 �dda4 it was so lovely to see Blinks today

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a little trip to deauville

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#BLACKPINK#JISOO#뚜두뚜두#FOREVERYOUNG#BLINK 히히 블링크 ✨ 어제오늘 새벽부터 넘 넘 힘들었을 텐데 웃으면서 응원해주고 힘이 되어줘서 너무 고마워요! �de2d�de2d�dc4d�df39 감기 때문에 컨디션이 좀 안 좋았는데 블링크 볼 때마다 웃음이 나고 힘이 나서 컴백무대 잘 마무리할 수 있었던 것 같아요 �de4f�dffb 오랜만에 무대에서 블링크 보고 뿅봉으로 응원하고 응원법도 만들어서 열심히 응원해주는 블링크 보니까 뭔가 꿈꾸는 것 같다�de0c�de0c�dc95 이번 활동 우리 같이 재밌게 즐겨요 사랑해 블링크�dda4�dc96 이제 또 새로운 주가 시작되네요 내일을 위해 얼른 자요 우리 금방 또 보자 잘자요�df19

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And we can’t help but fangirl over Lisa after she became the most followed female celebrity in Korea. NBD.

Hey Soompiers, what BLACKPINK moment did you fangirl over? Let me know in the comments below!

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