San E Responds To “Kill Bill” Performance Controversy With Original Rehearsal Video

Rapper San E has revealed his side of the story to the recent controversy regarding his performance on MBC’s hip hop survival show “Kill Bill.”

The January 31 broadcast of the show featured San E performing his self-produced track “Wannabe Rapper.” As he was performing, the screen in the background displayed the words “I heart hidden cameras,” which led to heavy criticism from viewers towards both the rapper and the show.

Shortly afterwards, the staff of “Kill Bill” released an official apology. They admitted fault for not censoring the inappropriate expression and promised to be careful in the future so that these kinds of incidents do not happen again.

San E, who remained silent for a few hours, responded to the controversy with a video that explained his side of the story. On his Instagram, the rapper uploaded a video along with a comment that said, “This is the original rehearsal video [of my performance] on the day of ‘Kill Bill’ filming.”

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킬빌 촬영 당일 리허설 영상 원본입니다.

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In the video, San E is performing the same track in front of the same background display from the broadcast, except the words “hidden camera” are crossed out. The rapper neither apologized nor said more about the controversy.

MBC has yet to release a statement in response to San E’s video.

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