Kwanghee Explains Difficulties Of Filming “Everyone’s Kitchen” And His Special Relationship With SF9’s Chani

Kwanghee shared his thoughts on Olive’s “Everyone’s Kitchen” and his new cast member.

On February 21, the TV personality attended a press conference for the new cooking variety show. “I was surprised at the variety show and how you cook and talk without a script,” said Kwanghee who has filmed three episodes so far.

Speaking about the difficulties of getting used to this format, he said, “[I wondered] if we should do it in a standard variety show format. I thought we’d need to talk about what we’ve been up to and get fun footage, but I was startled that there weren’t any specific questions even when guests appeared. We’d start cooking when we got hungry and no one helped. It was so hard.”

He added, “It’s difficult now that I’ve become known as someone who’s good at cooking. There are times when it doesn’t turn out well, so there are some episodes where I don’t talk at all.”

About SF9’s Chani, who recently joined the cast, Kwanghee commented, “Chani was busy filming a drama, but I was so grateful that he came and worked hard to participate in filming [‘Everyone’s Kitchen]. While helping Chani cook, I could see his growing potential for variety shows. I tried hard to show Chani’s variety show skills.” Kwanghee made everyone laugh by adding, “I’m the type who’s always good at greeting idols or younger celebrities.”

He then revealed his special connection to Chani. “The staff told me this during filming, but Chani and I know each other,” said Kwanghee. “But Chani didn’t recognize me. I’m close enough to Chani’s family to call his mom my aunt. In the past, Chani came to learn how to dance and I met his mom.”

“Everyone’s Kitchen” is a cooking variety show exploring the concept of “social dining” where people meet for the first time and become closer while cooking, eating, and talking together. The pilot aired on December 29, 2018 and became regular programming after receiving positive responses.

“Everyone’s Kitchen” will premiere on February 24 at 7:40 p.m. KST. In the meantime, start watching Chani in “SKY Castle” below!

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