3 Clues That Hint At Things To Come In Joo Ji Hoon’s Drama “The Item”

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “the Item” has been making viewers curious with its fantastical elements since its premiere.

For two weeks, fans have been speculating on the meaning of certain items and clues in the drama.

Warning: The following may contain spoilers. 

Joo Ji Hoon’s dream

While investigating the location of a lawyer’s murder, Kang Gon (Joo Ji Hoon) says to Shin So Young (Jin Se Yeon), “Something ominous has begun to happen. The things that are about to happen are nothing like the cases we’ve handled before.”

This is because Kang Gon had previously seen the same location in a dream in which he used a magical bracelet to stop a moving train and witnessed So Young jumping off a building. Kang Gon received a double shock when he realized that both the bracelet and the location were real. The question is: will the other events in the dream come true as well?

Jin Se Yeon’s cell phone

Shin So Young (Jin Se Yeon)’s colleagues think that she’s the type who won’t flinch at even the most gruesome corpse, but So Young is actually a traumatized character who needs tranquilizers to sleep and has trouble focusing during the day due to anxiety.

It turns out that Shin So Young lost her family in the Dreamworld fire incident, which took place in November 2003 and killed 101 people and injured 292. At one point in the drama, she listened to a voice mail recorded on an old phone from her mother, who says, “So Young, it’s Mom. I love you very much. And I’m sorry.” Since the mysterious items on the show appear to be linked to Dreamworld, it’s expected that Shin So Young’s connection to the Dreamworld incident will also bear greater fruit in the future.

Park Won Sang’s prayer

The priest Goo Dong Young (Park Won Sang) is the cause of a lot of the mystery in the show, perpetrating horrible murders and torturing people with his magical item. Before he committed his third murder, he said a prayer over the sleeping children that went like this: “I will take on the burden of all their skins, so please save these children from evil.”

This prayer has raised questions about Goo Dong Young’s true motivations. Shin So Young, who works as a police profiler, analyzed the Bible verses he left as his “signature” to the murder and discovered that there are four more murders left to come. Interestingly, Goo Dong Young was also present in the photograph of the Dreamworld fire victims’ families, along with Shin So Young and Shin Goo Chul (Lee Dae Yeon).

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