Lee Na Young And Lee Jong Suk Pick Their Favorite Moments From

With “Romance is a Bonus Book” spiraling towards the second half of the drama, lead actors Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young took some time to answer questions and share their favorite parts from the drama.

“Romance is a Bonus Book” is tvN’s weekend drama that tells the story of Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young), an unemployed woman who finds work as a temporary employee at a publishing company, and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), the publishing company’s editor-in-chief. For a long time, they were just friends, but now, their relationship is blossoming into something more.

Their romance is slow but earnest, and deep emotions are even touching the hearts of viewers. Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk shared their thoughts on the key points and important scenes from the drama.

Lee Na Young said, “Kang Dan Yi finally got the hint about Cha Eun Ho’s feelings. Inescapable changes will come. As much as Cha Eun Ho loves Kang Dan Yi, Kang Dan Yi’s mind is complex and deep. The romance will get more exciting as her thoughts are revealed.”

Lee Jong Suk added, “As the love triangle goes on, each character’s defining traits will come to life.”

Not only is “Romance is a Bonus Book” a romantic story, but it also contains realistic situations in life that viewers can empathize with. Lee Na Young said, “Please see if Kang Dan Yi, who lied about her experiences and academic background, can survive the competition to the end.”

Cha Eun Ho is also at the center of writer Kang Byung Joon’s mystery. Lee Jong Suk commented, “The hidden relationship between writer Kang Byung Joon and the publishing company will be unfolded in an interesting way. Each characters’ distinct lives will be portrayed warmly, so please watch them with affection.”

Next, the two actors talked about the best scenes and best lines. Lee Na Young mentioned, “Every moment of Kang Dan Yi making the most out of her life at the publishing company was ingrained in my mind. I remember the scene where she accepted that her name was missing on the copyright page, shook her sadness off, and returned to her original position saying, ‘I will do my job well.’ When she said she loved books and work, I was more excited about it than any love confession. I think it was the moment she truly became a part of the publishing company. A lot of viewers seem to support and empathize with her for looking at reality and not giving up.”

Lee Jong Suk picked a scene where Cha Eun Ho’s deep feelings were portrayed. He shared, “The scene where [Cha Eun Ho] and Kang Dan Yi talked in the yard while gazing at the moon is most memorable. It is the scene where Cha Eun Ho admits to himself that he views her as the only person he wants to keep by his side rather than just a simple friend. I had to consider a lot of emotional points, and they were captured in a beautiful way, so I was happy.”

He added, “From the time I received the script, I felt that Cha Eun Ho was a very mature man in his feelings of love. After being fully convinced of his feelings, his fortress-like logic collapsed, but that’s similar to what I’m like. I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, so I’m getting vicarious satisfaction through the drama. I want to be in love like Cha Eun Ho.”

“Romance is a Bonus Book” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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