10 Web Dramas To Introduce You To The Exciting World Beyond Television

Over recent years, web dramas have been all the rage among younger generations in Korea, receiving love for their fast-paced storylines and more approachable episode length. The casts are made up of fresh faces, giving exposure to the hidden talents of rookie actors and often leading to their success in television and film, as well.

Even if you have not watched a web drama yet, it is easy to get started with English-subbed videos that are easily accessible through YouTube or V Live.

Here are 10 web dramas to start your journey into the glorious world of web dramas:

“Love Playlist”

Having accumulated over 300 million views, “Love Playlist” is a must-watch for Korean web drama enthusiasts. Several unknown rookie actors were brought together for this project in 2017 and unexpectedly launched the success of Playlist Studio, which is currently the top web drama production company in Korea. It has also played a large part in leading the recent web drama boom.

The drama captures romance and friendship between a group of college students, and most episodes are told from the point of view of a specific character. The characters are diverse and lovable and will have you hooked in no time.

Three seasons have aired so far, and a spin-off “season 3.5” titled “Pu Reum’s Vlog” is currently airing. The fourth season is set to premiere in June.

Start the hit series below:

“Drink, Sing, and Dance”

This romantic comedy stars Jo Byeong Gyu as Yoo Kam Woo, who can only drink about two sips of beer, and Kim Yoon as Do Eum Joo, an extreme alcohol enthusiast. You will get to see Jo Byeong Gyu act out a quite mature romance that is very different from the youthfulness he showed as Ki Joon in “SKY Castle.”

The second season can be found below with English subs:

“Miss Independent Ji Eun”

Park Kyu Young plays an ordinary working woman named Kim Ji Eun in this realistic web drama. It portrays her everyday life at work, romance, and more as she gets through the tribulations of society. This drama is entertaining but also relatable for most women in the modern day workforce.

Watch the first episode below:

“Flower Ever After”

For those who enjoyed the husband-guessing aspect of the “Reply” series, this web drama might be of interest to you. “Flower Ever After” features the stories of two couples, with one having dated for seven years and the other for one year. It is revealed from the very beginning that only one of these couples will get married, and the drama captures the ups and downs of their relationships as viewers try to guess which couple will make it to the altar.

Check out the drama below:

“First Kiss”

This is a perfect drama for those who are looking for more juicy romance and drama. One kiss between two strangers at a bar leads to extremely tangled relationships and plenty of drama between two women, who are best friends, and two men.

Start watching the first episode:


This web drama shows high school classmates reuniting as adults and looking back at their innocence as high schoolers when they experienced romance for the first time.

Check out the cute drama below:


In 2018, teenagers in Korea were in a frenzy over “A-TEEN,” which was met with explosive popularity and even set fashion and beauty trends. The drama is bound to keep you watching with the romance and friendships of the unique characters and a good mix of emotions and comedy.

The actors including Kim Dong Hee, who many know as Seo Joon from “SKY Castle,” Shin Ye Eun, and APRIL’s Naeun have shot to fame since the web drama aired. The entire main cast will be returning with some new faces for the second season, which is set to premiere in April.

Watch the first season below:

“Always a Boyfriend, Never a Boyfriend”

This web drama series always features two main characters named Sa Rang (which means “love”) and Woo Jung (which means “friendship”). What’s interesting about this drama is that different actors play the two main characters across all three seasons. The common concept throughout the series is that the two leads are best friends that also develop romantic feelings for each other.

The second season stars Choi Won Myeong, the current MC of “Music Bank,” along with Kang Min Ah, who will be joining the new season of “A-TEEN.”

Begin the second season below:

“Office Watch”

This hilarious drama shows the main characters struggling with a variety of very difficult coworkers but also captures blooming office romance. Exaggerated characters provide comedic relief, but the drama still remains relatable with its everyday situations. The third season premiered recently on February 13.

Check out the first season:

“Just One Bite”

“Just One Bite” features three best friends and the stories of their romantic lives. The women often gather to chat, rant, and seek advice from each other, and this is always done with glorious shots of delicious food that are bound to make you hungry. The drama recently started its second season and newly stars KNK’s Park Seoham.

Start the first season here:

Which web drama are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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