INFINITE And Lovelyz Members Congratulate Golden Child’s Joochan On His Solo Single

Golden Child’s Joochan received some support online from his Woollim Entertainment labelmates!

On February 27, Joochan released his solo single “A Song For Me.” On the same day, INFINITE’s Sungjong, L, and Dongwoo shared their congratulations on Instagram.

Sungjong wrote, “Joochan, hwaiting.”

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주찬이 화이팅^_^??#홍주찬 #문제아

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L wrote, “My junior labelmate, Golden Child’s Joochan, released a song. Please show it lots of love.”

Dongwoo, who is preparing for his own solo debut, wrote, “If you think of problems as easy, they’re easy, and if you think of them as hard, they’re hard… Joochan, let’s take that to heart and go! Congratulations on your first solo. Let’s go together, Golden Child and Goldenness. INFINITE and Inspirits too!”

Yein, Kei, Jiae, Jisoo, Jin, and Baby Soul all posted about Joochan’s new single on Lovelyz’s official Instagram account as well.

Yein wrote, “Let’s listen together. Congratulations on your solo debut. Hwaiting to my cool junior!”

Baby Soul wrote, “Joochan’s ‘A Song For Me’ has come out! Please show it a lot of love. I’m listening to it right now too… it’s good haha.”

Kei wrote, “Hwaiting to Golden Child’s Joochan! I’m cheering for you.”

Jiae wrote, “Let’s sleep, Lovelinus. Do you want to listen to this song together?”

Jisoo wrote, “I hope Golden Child’s Joochan’s solo song ‘A Song For Me’ hits the jackpot. Why is this song so good? Hit the jackpot, kid!”

Jin wrote, “Hwaiting, Joochan.”

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