YG Responds To Allegations About Destroying Evidence Related To Seungri’s Burning Sun Controversy

YG has responded to a report that they had called in a document shredding service to destroy evidence regarding Seungri’s Burning Sun incident.

According to a report from news outlet Chosun.com, on February 28 KST, two trucks from a document shredding service arrived at YG Entertainment’s headquarters. One truck driver arrived at 6:35 a.m. and told Chosun.com that it was his first time coming to the YG headquarters. At 6:57 a.m., four workers from the document shredding company parked a 2-ton truck near the annex and began to move dozens of boxes from the building to the trucks. During the process, five YG employees were looking around outside, and when the reporters began to collect data for news, they stated, “You can’t take photos here.”

An hour later at 7:55 a.m., the document shredding services workers parked the truck near the main building. Due to the angle, Chosun.com was unable to see what was being moved, but the transfer of heavy objects continued for another 50 minutes. Both trucks began to leave the area at 8:43 a.m. When Chosun.com stopped a document shredding company worker to ask if the entire process was over, he responded, “They told me to come again later.” Another source revealed, “There were boxes, paper bags, and suitcases, and judging from the weight, there seemed to be electronics like computers as well.”

An employee from the document shredding company also explained, “We usually [start working] at 9 a.m. We also work at dawn when the client requests it, but most clients avoid doing so because they have to pay extra money. But companies in the public eye like entertainment agencies or news outlets often [request] that the work be done at dawn. We not only destroy documents but also other things like smartphones or computers.”

In a call with a reporter, YG Entertainment stated, “It was a periodic document destruction process we undertake every month or quarter.”

A source from an investigation unit from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “There is no way we would have known about YG destroying their documents. [Even if we had known,] there is no justification for stopping them from destroying their documents when a direct connection between YG and the Burning Sun incident has not been found yet.”

Below is a footage from Chosun.com showing the boxes being moved into the trucks.

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