6 Steps To Becoming A Couple, As Told By “Touch Your Heart” Episodes 7-8

This week on “Touch Your Heart,” instead of a case-of-the-week, we are treated to the staffers of Always Law Firm going on a bonding trip. It’s a nice change of pace, especially since it provides the opportunity for our two leads to finally address their feelings. And address the feelings they do (and then some!).

Warning: Spoilers for episodes seven and eight below.

While Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) and Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) start out episode seven as singles, they end episode eight as a newly-sealed-with-a-kiss couple! Here are some of the big steps that finally allowed them to go from point A to point B!

When Yoon Seo is expecting Jung Rok to make a move

Yoon Seo’s imagination spins into overdrive after receiving a text from Jung Rok telling her to rest up for the following day, thinking that he is going to finally ask her out. The next day, she sees a large bouquet of flowers on the table and full-on gushes about them, that is until she realizes it’s actually from a client and is intended for Jung Rok. Oops.

At the morning briefing, when Jung Rok is doing a powerpoint presentation on his latest case, a photo of Yoon Seo pops up on the screen.

Lawyer Dan: “But..but..what sin did she commit?”
Jung Rok (grandly): “What sin you ask? She committed theft, by stealing my heart! She committed assault, by blinding me with her beauty! I argue she receives life imprisonment and be with me for the rest of my life!”
Yoon Seo: “Take me away! Take me away in cuffs right now!”

We all guessed this sequence was in Yoon Seo’s head the moment Jung Rok started his monologue, but I certainly didn’t expect her to be actually acting it all out! When the sequence cuts back to reality, Yoon Seo is just as she is in her mind, standing and with her wrists in a cuffed-manner. It’s equal parts hilarious and embarrassing, but isn’t that just how we like our Yoon Seo? Special points to her for talking herself out of that embarrassing situation, and even more points for Jung Rok and his romantic/cheesy speech!

When Jung Rok doesn’t make a move

After all the hullabaloo of misreading Jung Rok’s many actions during the day, Yoon Seo finally convinces herself to maintain some dignity. She pours herself a glass of wine and tells herself again that she is going to play hard to get. Two seconds later, you guessed it, she drunk dials Jung Rok, tells him she’s not going to wait anymore and declares that she likes him.

The highlight of this scene is how Yoon Seo describes the way Jung Rok “shiuunged” (the sound of something flying fast) into her heart. It’s such a cute and innocent way of describing it, and we’re reminded of how childlike Yoon Seo can be when it comes to the matter of the heart.

And just as we’re basking in the sweetness of her confession, Yoon Seo abruptly remembers she’s mad at Jung Rok for not making a move, so she yells at him and hangs up.

When Jung Rok finally does make a move

After buddy Se Won (Lee Sang Woo) explains to Jung Rok that he’s approaching the relationship too logically and helps him to see his problems by using courtroom metaphors (’cause you know that’s the only way to get through to Jung Rok), Jung Rok finally decides to take the next step. He googles things that she likes, as well as her ideal man (it’s a man who can touch her heart *cough*). He finds out that Yoon Seo likes handwritten letters, so he starts writing her a love letter. Except it sounds more like a closing argument for a trial than a love letter.

Just as we’re beginning to accept that Jung Rok is going to be lost cause and disappoint Yoon Seo with his “letter,” we’re thrown a heart-fluttering curve ball! In the actual letter that Yoon Seo receives, there are only a few words — “Let’s date.” Mr. Clueless is clueless no more, and he definitely hit a home run with that move! *Squeals!*

When it’s their first day…not

Sadly for our couple, their plans keep getting interrupted, and Yoon Seo asks that they postpone their “official first day” as a couple. After a long day dealing with work, Jung Rok asks if Yoon Seo would like to have a supper date. But Yoon Seo kindly declines, asking him to get some rest instead. The way she puts him first, instead of insisting on an arbitrary “first day,” shows just how much she’s grown.

But it’s not just Yoon Seo who’s making steps in the right direction! When Jung Rok realizes that he’s not prioritizing Yoon Seo, he takes her out right away on a romantic date at the observatory. He also apologizes for being a little bit slow (in expressing himself), and promises to take one step at a time towards her, slowly but continuously. And while he holds her in an embrace, he finally says the words, “I like you. A lot.” *Swoons*

When Jung Rok leaves his jealousy at home

When Yoon Seo learns of the supposed love triangle with Jung Rok-Se Won-Yeo Reum, he explains to her that jealousy is a useless emotion and tells her to leave it home, just as he does. But this sentiment comes back to bite Jung Rok in the behind when the firm goes on a workshop together, as he finds the other men constantly doting on Yoon Seo while he’s always one step behind. The CEO and Lawyer Choi even berate him for not paying any attention to Yoon Seo’s needs and continuously declares that he’s the person she’d least likely date. And when the usually stoic Jung Rok chucks a pile of duvets at the two men, you know it’s hit a nerve.

Later, it turns out that the CEO lost Yoon Seo’s mirror, which has been her lucky charm throughout her career. Yoon Seo graciously insists that it’s okay (again, the maturity!), but Jung Rok manages to find it for her anyway. The proud look he has when he hands over the mirror to her is just adorable, as is him saying that he’s happy he’s finally able to do something nice for her.

Which then leads us to…

When they finally seal the deal with a kiss

…the kiss!

Yoon Seo first asks if she can kiss him and plants a light peck on his lips, before saying that he doesn’t have to ask when he kisses her next time.

And so, he pulls her in for a heart-thumping kiss.

“You said I didn’t have to ask.” *Swoons, part2*

Which moment had you squealing the most? And did you laugh as much as I did when the CEO gave Jung Rok “An Idiot’s Guide To Humor”? Leave your comments below!

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