Prosecution Demands 5-Year Sentence In Kush’s First Trial For Cocaine Use

Producer and rapper Kush attended his first trial for cocaine use.

In December 2017, Kush had been booked without detention for buying and using cocaine.

The 35th Division of the Seoul Central District Court held the first hearing for Kush on the morning of March 4 on charges of violating the law on drug control. On that day, he dressed up in a black suit and appeared in court with his lawyer.

First, the prosecution indicted Kush on charges of illegal drug usage, saying, “Kush used cocaine a total of seven times, succeeded in buying cocaine twice, and attempted to buy it once.” Later, Kush and his lawyer said, “We accept all the facts of the charges.” The prosecutors and Kush said they had several conversations about the evidence that was submitted, and neither side had any further evidence to submit.

The prosecutors demanded five years in prison and 875,000 won (approximately $775) in fines for Kush.

In response, Kush’s lawyer requested a lighter sentence and stated, “After he started composing at the age of 16, he promoted as a member of the hip hop group Stony Skunk and continued his career in the entertainment industry for many years. He entered the entertainment world at a young age and promoted alone at the age of 20. He suffered from extreme anxiety and stress during this process.”

He continued, “He suffered from chronic panic disorder and depression and tried to overcome them through treatment, but the depression grew worse and he couldn’t sleep because of insomnia. He committed the crime in November 2017, failing to resist the tenacious temptation of an acquaintance who knew the accused well. The defendant is deeply regretful for failing to refuse [the drug] after hearing that it is good for depression and insomnia. He has been to the emergency room under extreme pain, attempted suicide, and undergone psychiatric treatment.”

Kush added, “I don’t have anything much to say. After this incident, I deeply understood what is important in life and how I should act. I apologize and I wish I could make up for this all my life. Thank you.”

The judgement will be made on March 18.

In November 2017, Kush was caught violating the law on drug control. According to a police investigation, Kush inhaled cocaine twice at his dorm between November 26, 2017 and December 12, 2017 and was caught trying to get his third batch of cocaine. He had attempted to get 1 gram of cocaine from a mailbox in an apartment complex in Bangbae-dong, but the police was staking out the building and caught him in the act. The amount that Kush took during this period totaled to be about 2.5 grams.

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