PENTAGON’s Wooseok And Lai Kuanlin On Working Together As A Unit, Wanna One, And More

Lai Kuanlin and PENTAGON’s Wooseok recently came together for a photo shoot!

The two featured on The Star magazine’s March issue, making it the unit’s first photo shoot. This is also Lai Kuanlin’s first Korean photo shoot following the successful completion of Wanna One’s promotions.

For the photo shoot, Lai Kuanlin and Wooseok took on the concept of “mischevious boys” while showcasing their individual charms. Following the photo shoot, the unit sat down for an interview where they talked about a variety of different topics.

Wooseok and Lai Kuanlin shared, “We used to jokingly say, ‘Let’s do something fun together later on,’ but now it has come about with us doing unit promotions.” Regarding their unit name, the two explained, “Rather than complicating our names with other words, we thought ‘Wooseok X Kuanlin’ would have more of an impact.”

Lai Kuanlin talked about Wanna One’s final concert, saying, “During the final stage at the concert, I hugged each of the members as I was the first one to leave [the stage]. Besides me, no one else could hug all of the 10 members, as we had to leave one by one. And because the members took care of me while we were promoting, I wanted to express my gratitude by giving them hugs.”

On actively doing solo promotions, Lai Kuanlin shared, “Everything is new [to me]. I’m filming a drama in China and doing unit promotions in Korea, so I’m busy preparing but it’s so fun. I think the name ‘Lai Kuanlin’ is a kind of brand. I want to show this brand for a long time and I want to always provide the public with good energy. These days, that’s all I’m thinking as I experience new things.”

PENTAGON’s Wooseok talked about going from being the maknae of his group to leading their unit promotions, saying, “I was really happy because this was the first time I had a younger member. But now that we’re actually [working] together, I feel responsible to show a better side of myself. I still don’t quite know how I should behave.”

When asked what kind of challenges he wanted to try outside of music, Wooseok replied, “Ever since I was little, I wanted to try being a model. My parents suggested that I should also try out acting if a good opportunity arises but I need to think about that more.”

To conclude the interview, Lai Kuanlin shared his goals for unit promotions, saying, “For a while, I had more of a ‘handsome young man’ kind of vibe with our music, but through [unit] promotions I want to demonstrate that I have more of a variety of musical colors. I want us to do well while also being acknowledged [for our work].” Wooseok added, “If people are thinking, ‘Is this going to be an obvious, boring album?’ then I want to break their preconceived notions. I have the desire to show that I can do better.”

Wooseok x Kuanlin’s mini album “9801” is set to be released on March 11.

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