NU’EST’s Baekho Reveals His Biggest Concern About Appearing In “Law Of The Jungle”

NU’EST’s Baekho shared his thoughts on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”!

On March 2, “Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands” premiered. In the episode, Baekho traveled to New Zealand along with clan leader Kim Byung Man, Kim Jong Min, Don Spike, Moon Gabi, Kim In Kwon, and Hello Venus’s Nara.

As soon as the crew arrived at the Chatham Islands, they were asked to give up their belongings. They were further told that they would have to survive for the next several days without using the tools they had brought with them.

The members were taken aback at what seemed like an impossible task, but they soon began to utilize tools from nature to survive. Baekho especially impressed the members with his unexpected strength and ability to quickly adapt to new surroundings.

According to the production team, Baekho revealed his long-time desire to come on the show during a pre-interview. The NU’EST member explained, “It looks like a fun show, and while I’m aware of how difficult it must be, I’ve always wanted to put myself in extreme situations. I’m curious to see how I would react in one of those situations.”

When asked about his biggest concern regarding the show, Baekho answered that he worries about his facial hair. The idol said, “My facial hair tends to grow very quickly. I’m worried that I won’t get a chance to shave properly.”

Following the question, the production team mentioned the possibility of Baekho becoming a real “sexy bandit” (a nickname he received during the second season of Mnet’s “Produce 101” for his facial hair). In response, Baekho laughed and said, “Because of my facial hair, I might just become a bandit, not a sexy one.”

Check out the latest episode of “Law of the Jungle in Chatham” below!

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