Funniest of Failures: 12 Times K-Pop Idols Accidentally Caused Hilarious Mishaps While On Broadcast

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that everything about K-pop seems perfect. Most people know that the idol industry is very carefully planned and constructed, but little (or big) mistakes can occur nonetheless. Life is unpredictable enough already, so imagine what could happen when you throw a bunch of hyperactive teens and 20-somethings into one room and tell them to entertain. Sounds like pure chaos, right? But, it’s chaotic in the best kind of way!

Here are some of the best happy accidents that K-pop has to offer. Hopefully, this article will serve as a reminder that idols are clumsy and human, just like all of us.

1. I GOT7 problems but ripped pants ain’t one

Many fans are aware of how…unpredictable the GOT7 members can be, but this incident takes it to a whole new level. In the clip below, Jackson and Mark wrestled each other as part of a “Weekly Idol” segment, and the match seemed neck-and-neck at first. But things took a turn when Jackson got a bit more intense, ripping poor Mark’s pants in the process!

2. The sound of hitting your head causes a BIGBANG

During one of BIGBANG’s appearances on Japanese TV, G-Dragon had a bit of an unfortunate mishap. Just after being introduced as the group’s leader, GD oh-so gracefully hit himself on the head with a metal pan! Though he was obviously in some pain, you can’t deny that the whole situation is pretty funny.

3. Rookie, rookie. Seulgi’s a (baseball) rookie

As much as we all love Red Velvet, their sports-related skills are a bit lacking, at least compared with their incredible charisma on stage. When it comes to baseball, Seulgi’s inexperience at throwing a pitch was made obvious when she missed home plate by a mile. You can’t help but laugh at her aim, but at least she tried her best! Just don’t quit your day job, girl.

4. Clumsiness is in Jimin’s DNA

From time to time, idols slip on stage; it can happen to anybody, quite frankly. However, BTS’s Jimin has built up quite the track record of stage slips, having come close to falling a concerning number of times! As long as nobody gets hurt, I think it’s safe to say that we can all find humor in these types of situations.

5. A question that was meant (B)TOB

In this clip, I wouldn’t say anybody messed up, per se. Rather, the question Peniel chose simply created a moment that’s too epic to ignore. During a Q&A video with the BTOB members, Peniel, who rocks a shaved head, was asked what shampoo he uses! The members dubbed it the funniest question that day, and rightfully so.

6. The pitch of Hani’s clarinet went up and down

When EXID’s Hani played her clarinet on broadcast, she ran into a couple hiccups along the way. As her members heckled her, Hani attempted to focus on the music, but a screech of the clarinet jumped out against her will. Though she tried to redeem herself, the music just wasn’t on her side that day!

7. Kang Daniel’s drone + Lee Yi Kyung = a laughing Mark Lee

On an episode of the variety show “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,” a mere remote-controlled drone caused major trouble for the cast. After Kang Daniel and Lee Yi Kyung continued to fail at steering the drone, it got caught by a ceiling fan! Yi Kyung tried his best to save the drone, and his efforts were made even funnier by hearing NCT member Mark’s laughter in the background.

8. Gee, that’s a nice wig you’ve got, YoonA

YoonA of Girls’ Generation became quite the hot topic when fans discovered this clip of her obviously fake bangs. Back in the day, YoonA was joking with Taeyeon as they appeared on a radio show. YoonA threw her head back in laughter, only to have her bangs thrown back, as well! Check out the clip below to see her reflect on her dark past.

9. This video is for everyone SEVENTEEN and older

During a live stream with SEVENTEEN, Vernon and Joshua were innocently reading some English fan comments aloud, until tragedy struck. Because Vernon started to read a comment that said “Mingyu makes my ovaries explode,” Joshua nearly burst a blood vessel. Luckily, Joshua stopped Vernon from reading the comment in its entirety, though we all know what it said, anyway.

10. Soccer can cause an INFINITE amount of pain

While on an episode of “Ask Us Anything,” INFINITE’s Sungjong caused quite the incident when he proved how hopeless he was at trapping a soccer ball. Whenever the ball came flying at him, Sungjong struggled to control it, getting hit on the head, face, and his, uh, family jewels. At least his pain became our entertainment!

11. GFRIEND has more coordination in their fingertip than I have in my whole body

Despite the fact that GFRIEND looks cool and composed on stage, they seem to be a rather accident-prone group. At both the 1:33 and 4:04 timestamps of the video below, you can see the members struggle through various rollerskating fails, in addition to other hilarious antics. Without a doubt, GFRIEND is much funnier than they appear to be!

12. Samuel isn’t sweet 16 anymore, but he coughs like an old man

In yet another clip where we derive joy from another person’s misery, Samuel endured a vicious coughing fit while cooking some ramen. Maybe he was suffering from a ramen seasoning-related allergic reaction, or perhaps his young lungs just aren’t what they used to be. Regardless, you’ll find yourself laughing along with the production staff as you watch this video!

Do you have a favorite K-pop accident or fail moment? If so, tell us about it in the comments!

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