Watch: “Confession” Cast Introduces Their Unique Characters In Making Video

2PM’s Junho, Yoo Jae Myung, Shin Hyun Bin, and Nam Gi Ae gave a glimpse of their characters in a making video for tvN’s upcoming drama “Confession.”

“Confession” is a new crime investigation drama about people attempting to uncover veiled truths that are hidden behind the law of double jeopardy.

In the video, the cast poses for the drama posters. The mood is serious and professional as the actors portray their unique characters.

Talking about his character, Junho says, “Hello, I’m 2PM’s Lee Junho, and I play Choi Do Hyun in ‘Confession.’ He is a man who becomes a lawyer in the hopes of saving his convicted father from the death penalty. I will come to you as a lawyer who seeks the truth, so I hope you look forward to it a lot. [Choi Do Hyun and Ki Choon Ho] are really a lawyer and detective who come to face the truth. They will be in a dilemma about whether the truth or the verdict is important.”

When the production crew asks if there’s anything he would like to confess today, he wears a sheepish smile on his face before admitting, “Nowadays, I’m eating one meal per day. In order to become more like Choi Do Hyun, I’m trying to become skinnier. But last night, I had chicken. I lied to the staff today that I only ate one meal.”

The production crew jokingly demands an apology, and Junho bursts into laughter as he says, “What?”

Yoo Jae Myung says, “Hello, I’m Yoo Jae Myung, and I play the role of Ki Choon Ho in the new weekend drama ‘Confession.’ It’s nice to meet you. Ki Choon Ho is a passionate and upright former detective who will go to the ends of the earth to solve a case.”

The actor also makes a confession and says, “I wanted to look great in the poster, so this morning, I exercised, worked off a sweat, and struggled to get rid of my bloating.”

Next, Shin Hyun Bin introduces herself, saying, “Hello, I’m Shin Hyun Bin, and I play the role of Ha Yoo Ri. It’s nice to meet you.” She adds, “She’s a former reporter who is struggling to create a one-person media. She is Do Hyun’s family-like friend who has been with him for ten years. In the drama, you’ll be able to see me use a brighter, bolder tone.”

The actress also talks about today’s photo shoot. She explains, “Since I’m a former reporter, I wore clothes that are like those of a reporter. I wore a suit during the photo shoot. The title of our drama is ‘Confession’, so I should’ve expressed my inner thoughts, but…” Instead of finishing her explanation, she ends with an embarrassed laugh. Then she confesses she feels like she won’t be wearing anything formal like her current suit in the drama.

Nam Gi Ae plays Madame Jin, a skillful office assistant who appears at Do Hyun’s office out of the blue. She says, “She’s a woman who appeared in order to help Do Hyun.” She then breaks into laughter as she admits she acts graceful on set but acts like an old lady at home.

Watch the making video for the poster below:

“Confession” will premiere on March 23 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the newest teasers here!

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