JBJ95’s Agency Announces Plans To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

On March 12, JBJ95’s agency Star Road Entertainment announced that they will be taking legal action against malicious commenters who have been targeting the duo.

The following is their full statement:

Hello, this is Star Road Entertainment.

Our agency has been receiving tips through the company’s official email address that showed worries about false rumors and malicious comments made against JBJ95 on online communities and social media platforms that might defame the artists.

In response, our agency came to a conclusion that we can no longer overlook [the malicious comments] as we worry that they might cause psychological pain to the artists and fans ahead of JBJ95’s comeback.

We hereby declare our intent to take strict measures against the source of rumors about the artists at Star Road Entertainment including JBJ95, as well as those who posted malicious comments and helped with the spreading of rumors.

We will take strong legal action against all rumors and malicious comments that are made from before and after this notice. If we confirm that such acts have been committed through our monitoring [of the internet] and tips from fans, we will take the proper legal steps with a promise that we will not make settlement nor show leniency.

In addition, we are currently reviewing the documents from Jjakkungs (JBJ95’s fandom name) in order to process them. Thank you always for your continued interest and love for JBJ95.

JBJ95 is currently working towards making a comeback on March 26 with their second mini album “AWAKE.” It was also recently reported that Kim Sang Gyun signed with his groupmate Kenta’s agency.

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