Jung Yu Mi’s Agency Threatens To Take Legal Action Against False Rumors

Jung Yu Mi’s agency has declared its intent to take legal action against the spreading of false rumors about the actress.

On March 13, Star Camp 202 released the following statement:

Hello, this is Star Camp 202.

Although actress Jung Yu Mi is currently being mentioned in specific rumors that have been spreading on online communities, social media, and messaging apps, we are informing you in no uncertain terms that all of these are groundless rumors.

We find it extremely appalling that the actress’s name is being mentioned in these unfounded rumors.

Should the defamation of [Jung Yu Mi’s] character and honor continue, we plan to respond by taking strong legal action so that [those responsible] are punished.

Additionally, if there is any further spreading of false rumors or malicious reproduction [of such rumors] in the future, we will take both civil and criminal legal action against those responsible, without any negotiation or leniency.

Thank you.

Jung Yu Mi previously appeared together with Jung Joon Young on the MBC variety show “We Got Married” in 2013. The actress stated the following year that the two had not remained in touch after their stint on the show.

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