Former Colleague Of Late Jang Ja Yeon Opens Up After Witness Interview For Past Sexual Abuse Case

Yoon Ji Oh, a former colleague of the late actress Jang Ja Yeon, recently participated in a witness interview at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

On March 13, through her personal Instagram, the actress revealed that she is staying in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Yoon Ji Oh is known to be Jang Ja Yeon’s former colleague who witnessed firsthand Jang Ja Yeon preparing documents before her death. Jang Ja Yeon died by suicide back in March 2009, leaving behind a final letter revealing that she had been forced to sexually entertain figures in the business and media world.

Yoon Ji Oh completed the witness interview with the Past Injustices Investigation team at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office the previous day at 2 p.m. KST.

Read Yoon Ji Oh’s full Instagram post below:

People come first.

From my perspective, South Korea is a sad society where power and wealth still come first.

Regarding the range of crimes, one cannot determine that some are big and some are small. All crimes must be investigated no matter what.

But whenever [Jang Ja Yeon]’s case came up, there were always sensational and irrational reports that were released into the world. Despite seeing this, I had no choice but to take courage. Through one person, it will be hard for society to change in an instant, but like a dandelion seed, I hope that [it will help] so that change can emerge in society just a little bit.

Looking at all those working in entertainment who are turning their backs, I myself know that they are afraid, scared, and cannot step forward recklessly. But my heart falls apart countless times each day.

To share some good news, everyday I would secretly pack my bags and move places, but starting today I will be staying in a living space provided by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. It’s thanks to everyone’s attentiveness, so I sincerely thank [everyone].

I also took part in the police investitations at 2 in the afternoon, and for the first time I stood in front of reporters and answered their questions.

My personal protection has still not come about, so I am searching for a way to protect myself. We filmed for 24 hours and I handed over the documents, and I am always accompanied by the filming team.

Currently the situation is a little different [than the past]. For those who are worried and concerned about my safety, I am reporting once a day and am trying to have short live broadcasts as well. I hope to share some good news in the future.

Honestly, I am still living because of all the people who are trying to investigate and reveal the truth. I pray that you will always be in good health.

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