Lawyer Who Reported Chatroom With Seungri And Jung Joon Young Reveals Possible Ties With Police

On March 13, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun appeared on CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show” and revealed new information about the recent controversies surrounding Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun is the person who sent the KakaoTalk conversation data to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on behalf of an original whistleblower who chose to remain anonymous.

He explained that he had received an email from the original whistleblower stating that they had gotten hold of data related to the people involved in the Burning Sun incident. They wanted to make the information public in order to seek justice, but they did not know how to and needed help.

He said it was his job to protect the identity of the original whistleblower and worried that if he sent the data to an investigative agency (such as the police), they may focus on finding out the identity of the whistleblower. That is why he decided to send it to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead.

Asked how lengthy the KakaoTalk conversation was, the lawyer replied that it amounted to tens of thousands of messages that were shared across eight months between 2015 and 2016.

He added that Jung Joon Young’s messages of hidden cameras were shared in several different chatrooms including the chatroom with Seungri where sexual escort services seemed to be discussed, one-on-one chatrooms, and other group chatrooms.

The lawyer revealed another reason for sending the data to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead of the police. After going through the data, he found several conversations suggesting ties with the police. Though he was vague so as to not reveal all of the information, he explained that the conversations contained several messages about certain high ranks. For example, when a situation comes up, someone would say, “I contacted [the high-ranking official]” or “I did [so-and-so] with [the high-ranking official] and resolved it.” There were business-related situations as well as other non-commercial situations. Someone also said, “So-and-so from the police called me to say happy birthday.”

“The person in the conversation appeared to be tied with the most influential head of the police, and that led to other ties with other police officers of lower ranks.” At the interviewer’s probing, the lawyer revealed that it seemed to be someone as high-ranking as the Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency, but he clarified that he was unsure of how close the relationship between those in the conversation and the police was.

The radio DJ asked, “Is it just one person who’s saying they resolved issues by talking to the police, or is it everyone?” and Bang Jung Hyun responded, “One person is saying they are the most closely tied, but the other people are also aware of this. [That one person] is related to Burning Sun.”

The interviewer then questioned whether there had been other unrevealed crimes committed in the chatrooms. The lawyer shared that there was, and that he had already reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission about it. He further explained, “As you may know, there are many cases that are being investigated in relation to Burning Sun. There’s another case that’s similar to one of those cases.”

The radio DJ asked if it was related to a club, but the lawyer did not clearly state whether it is a club or not. He said, “It is, however, related to one of those businesses [run by Seungri].” The DJ asked, “Another crime. Like illegal drugs or tax evasion? Or something else?” and the lawyer responded that it was a crime of a similar nature.

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