New Reports Accuse Seungri Of Habitual Gambling Abroad + Show Evidence Of More Prostitution Mediation

New allegations have been made against Seungri.

On March 14, media outlet Sisa Journal revealed messages that showed evidence of Seungri engaging in habitual gambling abroad and providing sexual escort services to his business partner.

The messages revealed by the outlet included two participants, Seungri and his business partner from 2014 known as “A.” In the conversation, the two are discussing how much money they have each won from gambling. Seungri begins, “I won 200 million won (approximately $176,260)^^ You will also win big!!” In response, “A” says, “Okay~^^ I only need to win enough money to travel.”

“A” continues, “When are you leaving L.A.? [Are you heading over to] Shanghai or Japan?” Seungri answers, “Which hotel are you staying at? I’m returning to Korea around 11 p.m. today, and then I will go to Japan right away.”

Because South Korea follows the Territorial Principle, Koreans can be punished for gambling abroad even if the act is considered legal by the local laws.

In another conversation that Seungri and “A” allegedly exchanged in August 2014, the two appear to be discussing about which woman they should bring to their trip to Indonesia. The report further revealed that Seungri presented photos and information about the ages, jobs, and personalities of various women, and asked his business partner to choose a woman.

Seungri says, “No. 1 doesn’t talk a lot and likes money a little too much. She was also not very charming while getting drinks together. However, her visuals are great.” He continues, “No. 3 … her visuals are great and she is cheerful. She is also good and fun when we are out to drink. One flaw is that she is a mess when she’s drunk.” Seungri concludes, “I think No. 3 is good because she is bubbly.”

“A” asks in response, “What about No. 2, 4, and 5? Do you think we should meet up with one from No. 2, 4, and 5 one more time without No. 1? We need someone who is bubbly like No. 3.” Seungri replies, “No. 5 is good too.”

On March 14, Seungri arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to undergo questioning for charges including violating the law on the punishment of prostitution mediation for the second time. Upon his arrival, he delivered an apology and said he will be participating in the investigation with truthful responses.

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