Actors With Singing Voices That Are Just As Sweet As Their Good Looks

When people talk about their ideal types, a few must-have traits include someone with a nice vibe, good looks, and a pleasant voice to serenade with.

While it seems impossible that someone exists out there with all three traits, there are a few actors that defy our logic and possess amazing singing voices on top of their good looks.

Here are some heart-fluttering actors whose singing will make your ears melt!

Kim Hyung Seok

With a cumulative view of over 350 million for his popular web drama “Love Playlist” is actor Kim Hyung Seok .

Known for his role as “Hyun Seung Sunbae,” Kim Hyung Seok made many hearts flutter with not only his acting skills, but also his singing skills from his past as an idol trainee.

Kim Hyung Seok appeared on “I Can See Your Voice,” surprising the audience with his sweet cover of Yun DDanDDan’s “The Night I Miss You.”

Kim Woo Seok

Another actor from “Love Playlist” with amazing vocals is Kim Woo Seok, who played the role of Choi Seung Hyuk.

As the younger brother of MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok, Kim Woo Seok also has powerful vocal skills not unlike his brother.

One of the highlight scenes from “Love Playlist” was when Kim Woo Seok sang Paul Kim’s OST “Hey” to confess his feelings to the female lead.

Jung Gun Joo

Fans of web dramas will also be familiar with Jung Gun Joo from “Why: The Real Reason You Got Dumped” and “This Flower Ending.”

Jung Gun Joo made a cameo on JTBC’s “The Third Charm” as the role of a celebrity that was singing a congratulatory song for the couple to be wed.

He showed off his unexpectedly talented vocals through Lee Seung Gi‘s “Will You Marry Me.”

Kim Min Gyu

Actor Kim Min Gyu recently starred in a sweet romantic comedy web drama “Have a Nice Dessert!” with Kim Hyang Gi. He made hearts flutter with his 183 centimeter (approximately 6 feet) height and dimples along with his sweet gaze through the web drama.

Not only did he sing the OST for “Have a Nice Dessert!” but he also surprised the audience with his lovely voice on Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice” with a cover of Lee Seok Hoon’s “10 reasons to love you.”

Kim Soo Hyun

Another actor who’s also well known for having a sweet singing voice is Kim Soo Hyun!

Known for playing the role of a musical genius in “Dream High,” the actor has had many opportunities to showcase his beautiful singing voice. From having sang in commercials to having sang the OSTs for “The Moon Embracing the Sun” and “My Love From the Star,” fans can’t help but acknowledge his talent in both acting and singing.

Kang Ha Neul

Even while serving in the military, Kang Ha Neul has continued to show off his acting and singing skills by partaking in the military musical “Shinheung Military Academy.”

Through an episode on “Running Man,” Kang Ha Neul showed his powerful vocals by singing Emerald Castle’s “Footsteps.”

Shin Sung Rok

There’s no doubt Shin Sung Rok made many hearts flutter with his serenading scene in “The Last Empress.”

With his sweet voice, he proposes in front of a large audience, finishing the scene with a kiss.

Park Bo Gum

It’s no wonder why fans are hoping for a collab between Park Bo Gum and his close friend BTS’s V!

Already having released his own music video “Let’s go see the stars,” Park Bo Gum delighted fans with his singing voice. In JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” he made viewers’ hearts melt with his slow and steady voice in a cover of Lee Eun Mi’s “I Have a Lover.”

Which actor with a sweet singing voice do you love?

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