8 Lines To Revisit From “Touch Your Heart” Episodes 11-12

Love is certainly in the air, as Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) and Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) continue to enjoy each other’s company this week, while other would-be-couples also take steps forward in their relationships. The looming danger of stalker Lee Gang Joon (Kim Kyun Woo) also comes to a head, and we finally learn about Yoon Seo’s alleged drug scandal all those years ago. Let’s revisit some of the bigger moments in episodes 11 and 12 of “Touch Your Heart” with some important lines:

Warning: Spoilers for episodes 11 and 12 ahead.

“Would it be okay if I kept you company tonight?”

This is a potentially suggestive line that could have been misconstrued (and we’re talking about a couple who reads too much into everything), but it comes across totally sincere and innocent instead, thanks to Lee Dong Wook’s delivery.

After the intense car chase, Yoon Seo shares about her previous traumatic encounters with Lee Gang Joon, including the incident that led to her being accused of using drugs. Seeing her in such a vulnerable state, Jung Rok offers to stay the night to keep her company. It’s all very PG, with Jung Rok literally just watching over her, then sleeping on the floor next to her (with his tie still on, mind you. I mean… c’mon!)

He’s also confused as to why he slept with his tie on. Heh!

“I’m here with someone I truly love.”

In an effort to cheer Yoon Seo up and take her mind off Lee Gang Joon, Jung Rok takes a page from dramas and takes her to an amusement park close to the beach. However, things don’t go according to plan, as Jung Rok first is scared silly by the rides, then drops their (super adorable) cotton candy.

Aww… He runs like a little kid!

Even the firecrackers he prepares fizzle out, ending the night in disappointment. But when Jung Rok starts pouting and blames himself for being nothing like Yoon Seo’s male leads, she quickly assures him that it’s been a wonderful date, because for once, she’s there with someone she truly loves. Even though the night started out with Jung Rok wanting to cheer Yoon Seo up, it instead ends with Yoon Seo cheering Jung Rok up, and shows just how much the two are attuned to each other’s feelings. The sentiment that it’s the people we’re with that makes the moments special is also something we can remind ourselves of.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore.”

When Lee Gang Joon sends his lackey to follow Yoon Seo and take photos of her, the lackey is discovered by Jung Rok. And in a moment of pure girl-crush-ness, Yoon Seo confronts the lackey herself, then calls Lee Gang Joon directly and warns him to either leave her alone or be turned in to the authorities. Her look of steely resolve when she declares that she’s not afraid of him anymore is absolutely magnificent! You go, girl!

“Don’t touch my girl!”

When Yoon Seo returns home, she’s startled to find Lee Gang Joon waiting for her inside her house. Jung Rok, using his superpowered observation skills, notices Gang Joon’s bodyguard near her house, and correctly deduces the situation at hand. He swoops in and punches Gang Joon before anything bad happens, and warns him not to touch his girl. *Swoons*

Now bear with me for awhile as I go on a rant, but does anyone else feel like this story line is resolved too conveniently? We’ve been teased about this horrendous character for half the series, and conditioned to believe that Lee Gang Joon is THE big bad. He finally makes his appearance last week, but in the span of one(!) episode, he’s in police custody on a bucket-load of charges, all because he is caught breaking into Yoon Seo’s house. If he can be dealt with so easily, where does his blatant confidence come from? And why didn’t anyone try to take him down before?

Yes, I’m happy Yoon Seo is vindicated, but this quick resolution just undercuts the build up from before and I can’t help but feel cheated. And since this case didn’t bring Yeo Reom into the fold like I thought it would, can someone please explain to me why I should care about her at all? Especially after she’s shown how inept she is? So either he’s going to come back like the cockroach he is, or he really is just a terribly written plot point. Okay, rant over. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

“I’ve met many women who cut their hair to impress me, but she’s the first to cut me off (mid-sentence).”

These lines uttered by Attorney Choi (Shim Hyung Tak) work better in Korean, as they’re playing on the same words, but they’re worth a mention as the scenes between Attorney Choi and Attorney Dan (Park Kyung Hye) are just so over-the-top silly. They’re now officially in charge of the cheesy humor now that the Jung Rok-Yoon Seo couple has settled in (not to mention on their way to Angstville). And although this started out as a one-sided crush from Attorney Dan’s side, it’s quickly blossoming into a two-way crush, as her more “nurturing” tendencies have left a strong impression on him. I guess it’s true what they say: Men really do marry women that resemble their mothers!

“I’m really happy for you.”

After Lee Gang Joon is brought into custody, the truth about Yoon Seo’s scandal comes to light, and she is back in the good graces of the public. It is also eventually revealed that Yoon Seo has been working at the law firm to land an acting role. As we know, she’s been worried all this while that Jung Rok would get mad when he finds out that she’s been lying to him. But turns out she had nothing to worry about as Jung Rok shows just what an understanding boyfriend he is, by not only sincerely congratulating her but also assuring her that he’s truly happy that she gets to go back to acting.

“You’re right. It does moisturize the lips.”

I usually roll my eyes at all the product placements in this drama (and boy are there lots!) but this one is done so cutely, it’s wormed itself onto this list. When our couple is preparing for a day out, a table of cosmetics catches Yoon Seo’s eyes, including a lipstick. Jung Rok quickly explains that it’s actually a lip balm and that it really moisturizes his usually-dry lips. “My lips are dry too,” says Yoon Seo, before she walks forward and kisses Jung Rok. “You’re right. It does moisturize the lips.” Heh!

“Oh Yoon Seo-sshi.”

When Yoon Seo regains her popularity, her manager oppa explains to Jung Rok that it would be in her best interest if they break up, as it could possibly lead to another scandal. While Jung Rok initially refuses to be the one who breaks them up, he then recalls all the times Yoon Seo has described her acting days, and how acting has always made her feel more happy and alive. And as he readies himself to end the relationship, he begins by saying “Oh Yoon Seo-shhi.”

Since the beginning, Jung Rok has always referred to Yoon Seo by her real name, Jin Shim, and the name has even become a term of endearment. And so with four words, he manages to deftly insert a wide chasm between them. It’s painful to hear, and if the teasers for next week are any indication, we’re in for some mighty heartbreak! Gaaah!

How are we feeling about the Lee Gang Joon storyline? And are you looking forward to – or dreading the tears next week? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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