5 Times The Finale Of “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Gave Us Hope

It’s hard to believe that “Romance Is A Bonus Book” has come to an end. This also marked Lee Jong Suk’s last project before enlisting in the military this past month. It wasn’t a flashy or crazy star-studded cast, but it was a series that left a strong impression on us all, giving us the strength and hope that was needed. Here’s a look at five times the finale of “Romance Is a Bonus Book” gave us hope.

Warning: Spoilers for the drama ahead.

1. Dan Yi’s old boss getting her a new job

So this didn’t technically happen in the newest episodes, but we do see Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) starting her new job thanks to Ko Yoo Sun (Kim Yoo Mi), the rigid and cold-hearted boss that took all of Kang Dan Yi’s ideas and claimed it as her own. Ko Yoo Sun is a character that is hard to like because she isn’t willing to open up to Dan Yi, even when Dan Yi tries to be her friend. She seemed ruthless and there was really no point in the series where I was willing to even remotely feel bad for her. But things take a quick turn in the finale when she extends an olive branch to Dan Yi and gets her a job at a small publishing company.

Watching Dan Yi get fired from her job and desperately searching for a new job to no avail, I couldn’t help but feel even angrier at Ko Yoo Sun. But when she meets up with Dan Yi and gives her the opportunity, it made me think that she wasn’t so bad after all and had Dan Yi’s back.

2. Dan Yi getting her job back and getting a raise

After Dan Yi finds out that the new job she got at the publishing company wasn’t what she had expected, she decides to quit. It’s obviously a difficult decision for her since she relies on the money, but the values of the company don’t align with hers, which is why she decides to bail.

So when she’s literally walking out of the office after having quit her job and her old boss comes up to her and offers a new one, it’s an obviously joyous moment for us all. Dan Yi gets everything she deserves and even gets a raise on top of it, which makes it all the more worthwhile. Things finally come around for Dan Yi and it’s enough to literally heal us all.

3. Two heartbroken people finding comfort in each other

Song Hae Rin (Jung Yoo Jin) confesses her feelings to Eun Ho but ends up being denied, and Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) had feelings for Dan Yi, but she friend-zones him. So what better option then for these two to end up together, right? It’s an ideal situation and we couldn’t be happier for the two.

4. All the couples coming together at the end

From the married couple who got a divorce to the cold-hearted Yoo Sun who ends up with the widowed president Kim Jae Min, and Hoon and Ji Yool finally kissing – we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending!

This ending was perfect on so many levels.

5. The steadfast love Cha Eun Ho has for Kang Dan Yi

Cha Eun Ho loved Dan Yi with all his heart for basically his entire life. When Dan Yi goes through rough times, he’s always there for her and drops everything in order to help her out.

It was comforting knowing that Dan Yi had a person like Eun Ho. Don’t we all want someone in our lives who would be willing to genuinely and whole-heartedly help us through difficult times? And without expecting anything in return? Cha Eun Ho is that for Dan Yi – when her whole world literally falls apart and she loses everything, Eun Ho is her rock. She’s able to turn to him and he’s able to get her through it, which is pretty awesome.

Final thoughts

When I heard Lee Na Young was making a comeback into dramaland, I was pretty excited. I had been a fan of hers before she put her career on hold to have a family and to have her come back was a big deal. Furthermore, the synopsis of “Romance Is a Bonus Book” totally tickled my fancy. Mainly because it’s about the publishing world, and let’s face it, I love books.

With these factors, I thought the drama would be decent but I wasn’t really prepared for how emotionally invested I’d be in the characters, especially in that of Lee Na Young’s character, Kang Dan Yi.

The series really revolves around the character Kang Dan Yi. A lot of women in Korea can relate to her: a career-driven woman, who is flourishing at work, decides to get married and have children, which causes her to ultimately give up her job. And then when she wants to rejoin the workforce, there’s no room for her because of all the younger applicants. It’s a sad reality for many women in South Korea that continues today.

Besides this part of her character, Dan Yi also has a story that everyone can relate to on a certain level. She’s pushed around but never gives up. She’s resilient and persistent, which is something we can all learn from. Despite her being taken advantage of and stomped on, she doesn’t lose sight of who she is. She remains strong and continues on because she has to. These are all qualities that make her admirable and in turn, makes the drama a pleasure to watch.

The process and journey that Dan Yi goes through, from being a successful career woman to finding her dream again, is inspiring to watch and undoubtedly is a healing drama that was very much needed.

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