Park Han Byul Directly Speaks Up And Apologizes About Controversies Involving Her Husband

Following the reports revealing that Park Han Byul was also acquainted with Senior Superintendent Yoon, the police officer who is suspected of using his title to help cover up criminal activities in the controversial celebrity chatroom that includes Park Han Byul’s husband Yoo In Suk, the actress released an official statement in response.

The following is the full statement from Park Han Byul:

First of all, I’m truly sorry for causing many people to worry due to the recent controversies, incidents, and suspicions involving my husband.

While I was thinking that I can’t separate myself from the things that happened in the past of a person with whom I’ll be spending the rest of my life, just because they are irrelevant to me, I was being careful about what to say since the investigation is ongoing. I apologize.

The reason why I’m continuing to film the drama in the midst of these controversies is because of the promise I made with many people such as the production company, the network, my agency, and more.

Despite what has been aired so far, we are currently filming the last parts of the drama because filming begun last year.

Because it is my duty to portray the life of Ma Ri (Park Han Byul’s character in “Love in Sadness”) without disturbing the flow of the drama until the end, I, as well as everyone who is thinking the same thing, decided to try our best until the end even though it may be hard, and [we are] filming with responsibility.

While they should be focusing solely on the drama, many people are spending their time and thoughts worrying about me. Because I feel very apologetic for everything, and because I don’t want to cause greater trouble, I’m putting more effort into filming even though I’m suffering and going through tough times as if I’m dying. There is no other way to repay these grateful people.

I think that life is a process of becoming mature and learning to straighten things out by going through various experiences while aging. I’m feeling responsible for all of the controversies, and no matter what results come out at the end, I will consider this as the process of guiding my family to walk the right path. After concluding this drama well, I’ll take time to look back at my life and try to live an honest life as a mother and a wife.

Lastly, I sincerely thank everyone who is cheering on “Love in Sadness” and me. I bow my head and apologize once again for the many people who are criticizing me amidst these societal controversies related to my family.

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