Police Book Senior Officer Suspected Of Covering Up Criminal Activity In Chatroom Controversy

The police have booked Senior Superintendent Yoon, who was previously suspected of misusing his position to help cover up criminal activity in the ongoing chatroom controversy, as a suspect.

Senior Superintendent Yoon was previously suspected of being involved in the chatroom case regarding Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and other celebrities. He confirmed during his questioning on March 15 that he is an acquaintance of Yoo In Suk, the former CEO of Yuri Holdings and also a member of the chatroom. However, he denied that he misused his position to cover up criminal activity.

On March 18, Commissioner General Won Kyung Hwan of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated in a press conference, “We have reassigned Senior Superintendent Yoon to another station, and as of yesterday, we have also taken the same measures for three employees affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency who are under suspicion of corrupt ties.” He added, “We will take severe measures against anyone connected to the suspicions of corruption, regardless of their rank.”

The police are in the process of booking the three employees as well as Senior Superintendent Yoon. They will be charged with leaking official confidential information.

Lee Myung Kyo, head of the Investigation Department at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, stated, “We have obtained a testimony that [the witness] received a request from Senior Superintendent Yoon to ‘look into whether the police agency was informed of the issue we cracked down and whether it is worthy of such action.’ There are additional aspects we must verify, such as what information he conveyed, through whom he conveyed it, and how he conveyed it.”

The head also mentioned the police’s ongoing investigation about Seungri allegedly providing sexual escort services to foreign investors. He said, “It’s difficult to state the concrete details as of now, but we have obtained a testimony that holds significant meaning for the suspicions we have. We are currently looking into the additional suspicions that have been raised about being involved in prostitution abroad and gambling.”

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