Seungri’s Military Enlistment Officially Postponed

The Military Manpower Administration has confirmed the delay of Seungri’s military enlistment.

Previously, Seungri submitted an official request on March 18.

On March 20, the following official statement was released:

Regarding the request by singer Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun) to delay his military enlistment date, the Military Manpower Administration (Commissioner Ki Chan Soo) has decided on the delay due to the following reasons.

– The person liable for military service requested the enlistment delay to participate in his investigation

– The investigative authorities requested to the Military Manpower Administration for the enlistment to be delayed in order to investigate the person liable for military service thoroughly and consistently

– Therefore, the active duty enlistment date was delayed based on Article 61 of the Military Service Act and Article 129 of the Enforcement Decree for this act.

Once the postponement period for his military enlistment expires, the status of his enlistment and postponement will be decided again based on regulations of the Military Service Act.

– Article 60 of the Military Service Act and Article 128 of the Enforcement Decree for this act: Enlistment postponed if imprisoned

– Article 61 of the Military Service Act and Article 129 of the Enforcement Decree for this act: Other unavoidable reasons

The Military Manpower Administration plans on amending the law so that a person liable for military service can have his enlistment delayed by the authority of the Military Manpower Administration if the person liable is enlisting as an escape after causing a societal disturbance or if there is a request by investigative authorities for any other important investigations.

Seungri was previously scheduled to enlist as an active duty soldier on March 25. The status of his enlistment will be decided again on June 25.

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