MBC Reports Another Burning Sun Staff Member Sexually Assaulted And Illegally Filmed Victims

MBC’s “Newsdesk” recently reported that another illegally filmed video containing sexual assault at the club Burning Sun has been found.

A video of sexual assault taking place at Burning Sun previously circulated online in February, around the time when MBC’s “Newsdesk” first revealed a CCTV footage of a man being assaulted at the club.

On the March 22 broadcast of the show, MBC revealed that although Burning Sun staff member A has already been arrested for filming and sharing footage of the incident, another staff member has been discovered to have also assaulted other female victims. The incident was reported to have taken place on the same day and same location as the original video.

Police have launched into an investigation of this case following their discovery.

Warning: Discussions of sexual assault.

In the video, as the first female victim leaves the room, Burning Sun staff member B brings another victim to the restroom and sexually assaults her. It was reported that staff members A and B were involved in the assault of three female victims, and that A filmed the act using B’s phone.

According to the police, the restroom in the VIP room was often used as the location for sexual assault and illegally filmed footage. As the police began to proceed with investigating A, B reportedly deleted the videos in a hurry and began destroying evidence.

One Burning Sun guest commented, “B said that he moved the videos [from his phone] to his laptop to be safe, and that even if he reboots his phone, he’ll still be anxious, so he said, ‘I’ll register a totally new phone, and submit it to the police after buying it.”

Although police plan to seize two of B’s mobile phones and restore the deleted footage, B responded that he will not comply with the forensic work unless a lawyer joins him.

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