Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And Busker Busker’s Jang Beom Jun Share Mixed Feelings About Topping Music Charts

Taeyeon and Busker Busker’s Jang Beom Jun expressed their mixed feelings about being No. 1 on music charts.

On March 26, the two artists participated in the press conference for the new music project “Now 30” by Monthly Yoon Jong Shin and fashion brand Beanpole. In the project to celebrate Yoon Jong Shin’s 30 year debut anniversary, Yoon Jong Shin recruited artists born in 1989 to release remakes of classic songs that are now 30 years old.

When Yoon Jong Shin began to talk about the emptiness behind music charts, Taeyeon said, “It’s a shame that our efforts go to a waste within an hour.” Yoon Jong Shin added, “There are cases when a song that took a long time to prepare is evaluated by its ranking within the first hour [since its release]. Honestly, it takes a long time to create a piece of music and make [people] like it. I want to make a long-lasting song that will still be sung around this time of the year next year.”

Although they rose to No. 1 in the music charts with their new songs, Taeyeon and Jang Beom Jun still had their concerns. Taeyeon said, “I think I’m still in the process of finding myself. I feel confused, and I’m not sure how I’ll appear to others. Even when releasing my new song ‘Four Seasons,’ I was concerned about how people would think of me and took the staff’s opinions into consideration to find a direction for my music.”

Taeyeon continued, “I don’t care about music chart rankings, but it’s so nice to see my staff and fans being happy for me. That’s where I feel confused again. Despite this, I still want to continue to show myself in the process of finding my colors. I’ll work hard to take on various genres.”

Jang Beom Jun shared, “I’ve been promoting too intensely these days. My mind became blank after hearing Yoon Jong Shin’s words. My goal is to make music that other people can enjoy, so I think I’ll be at a loss if someone asked me about ‘the music that Jang Beom Jun enjoys.’ However, since I’m a mainstream singer, I think it’s my fate to keep thinking about this.”

The artist also added, “I want to find my way while asking Yoon Jong Shin [for advice]. As I don’t know many people in the industry, I now want to interact [with other musicians] and have that reflect in my music as well.” In response, Yoon Jong Shin advised, “Don’t look too far ahead, and things will work out if you live your life little by little.”

From April to June, Jang Beom Jun, Taeyeon, and Urban Zakapa will release remake songs produced by Yoon Jong Shin as a “bonus” to his famous project of monthly releases.

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