ARMY Spots References To BTS’s Past And Future In New “Persona” Trailer

BTS’s fans ARMY have found links to the group’s history and possible hints for future releases in their new comeback trailer “Persona“!

On March 28 at midnight KST, BTS dropped RM’s comeback trailer for their new release “Map of the Soul: Persona.” BTS has a tradition of beginning their comeback teasers by sharing a new track and music video by one of their members, which then becomes the intro to their new release.

#MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA and RM’s real name Namjoon have been trending in the top spots worldwide on Twitter since shortly after the trailer’s release!

Fans were quick to notice that the beginning of the trailer starts off with a very similar animation to what was used in the trailer for “Skool Luv Affair” back in 2014. RM also helmed this trailer as the main voice.

And the connection to “Skool Luv Affair” doesn’t end there.

The classroom RM appears in looks very similar to one used in BTS’s debut “No More Dream” MV from 2013.

Fans are also seeing a connection with RM’s styling and setting for their “Boy in Luv” teasers!

Many ARMY think that this scene with a banner that reads Kim Namjoon is a reference to how the fandom often calls him “president.”

Could this scene be the effect of “Love Yourself”?

Also, just… whoa.

Fans are loving all these links to BTS’s history!

And the lyrics bring back memories of his speech at the United Nations last fall.

Meanwhile, it looks like BTS may have hidden some clues about their future releases in the MV!

The blackboard includes the words “Persona,” “Shadow,” and “Ego” — three elements of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s thoughts on the mode of the psyche. Jung’s school of thought was described in a 1998 book by Murray Stein titled “Jung’s Map of the Soul: An Introduction.”

Since it also includes the words “Dream,” “Love,” and “Happiness,” fans are wondering if these words are album and song titles for their upcoming releases.

The hints may also go even deeper.

One thing’s for certain: RM and ARMY are going to have a great time at their upcoming stadium concerts around the world when he performs “Persona”!

BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona” comes out on April 12.

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