YG Entertainment Censors Seungri’s Face In Official Online Shop

BIGBANG items are currently being sold with blurred photos of Seungri.

On March 28, it was reported that YG Entertainment’s official online shop, YG Select, was selling BIGBANG merchandise with blurred photos of Seungri’s face.

YG Select was criticized for continuing to sell merchandise related to Seungri even after the Burning Sun controversy erupted.

It was confirmed that the sale of merchandise for just Seungri was halted on the website as of March 27. BIGBANG goods, however, are still being sold on the website with Seungri’s face blurred out on the website.

It seems as if YG Entertainment is still in the process of editing out Seungri’s face from the website, as some of his photos are censored while others are not.

A source from YG Select said, “The employees in charge of the website are currently in the process of editing. Please wait a little bit more.” When asked if YG Select would continue to sell BIGBANG goods online, the source replied, “We have not been told anything as of yet.”

Seungri’s face has already been removed from BIGBANG’s fan cafe, which is run by YG Entertainment. The album jacket and MV thumbnail for Seungri’s “The Great Gatsby” have been changed to different images, and Seungri’s name has been removed as a member of BIGBANG in portal site search results.

Seungri is currently under investigation for suspicions of prostitution mediation and related actions surrounding the club Burning Sun. The singer announced his retirement from the entertainment industry on March 11, and YG Entertainment terminated his exclusive contract on the following day.

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