Experts Share Insight Into Why Epik High’s “Lullaby For A Cat” Really Works

One of Epik High’s latest tracks had an unexpected effect on feline listeners!

SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” this week took a look into a recent phenomenon that many fans of Epik High’s new album “sleepless in __________” have been noticing. They’ve reported that the b-side “Lullaby for a Cat” really makes their cats fall asleep!

The song was composed by Tablo, who also wrote the lyrics. “Night of Real Entertainment” got in touch with Tablo to ask him if he knows the secret behind the song’s seemingly magical effect on cats.

“I’ve been getting a lot of people contacting me about this,” said Tablo. “People say that when they play the song, their cats really fall asleep.”

“At first I figured that everyone had teamed up to play a joke on me,” he said, but he’d then been surprised by the number of reports (as he showed on Twitter).

Tablo joked in the interview, “If I’d done that intentionally, then I should have been a scientist or a veterinarian rather than a musician. I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

He explained, “I did imagine something while I made it. I imagined being alone late at night, but there being a cat next to me. Since I couldn’t get to sleep, I hoped that at least the cat would go to sleep.”

SBS asked a veterinarian why this song would have such an effect on cats, and the expert even tried playing it for his own cat at home. His cat ended up relaxing on the floor and taking a nap.

“I was so amazed,” said the vet to SBS later. When asked what the reason would be, he replied that the repetitive mechanical noise in the song might have a correlation with the sound of a cat purring.

A professor of electronic engineering who specializes in the study of sound was also asked about the track. After an analysis, he pointed to how the song is mostly in a low frequency range.

“Cats are very sensitive to low frequency sounds,” he explained, and confirmed that the song acts like a lullaby as it sends the cats to sleep.

SBS also showed reports from fans who say the song works not only on cats, but also dogs, rabbits, and even babies!

Epik High’s new album includes the title track “LOVEDRUNK” featuring Crush, which took over music charts and has earned them two music show wins. The trio will be embarking on a concert tour in North America starting in April.

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