Watch: Jun So Min Enjoys Romantic Date With Kim Ji Suk After Locking Up “Running Man” Cast In New Preview

SBS’s “Running Man” has released an intriguing sneak peek of next week’s episode!

On March 31, the variety show aired a preview of its upcoming episode, which will begin with the final installment of this week’s “Find the Secret Couple” race.

The new preview starts out with the “Running Man” cast members—as well as guests Jang Hee Jin, Kim Jae Young, and WJSN (Cosmic Girls)’s Bona—frantically running around as they attempt to figure out the identity of the “secret couple” hidden amongst them. Song Ji Hyo insists that she’s single, while Kim Jae Young tells Jun So Min that he’s already the target of suspicion. The clip shows Bona letting out a scream of surprise, while a shocked Lee Kwang Soo asks a staff member, “[That person’s] been eliminated?”

The preview then moves on to the second part of next week’s episode, entitled “Her Secret Private Life.” Romantic music plays as Jun So Min meets up with her “Top Star U-Back” co-star Kim Ji Suk, whom she named on a previous episode of “Running Man” as a co-star who made her heart flutter during filming.

Kim Ji Suk tells Jun So Min, “You’ve gotten prettier,” and the two stars affectionately feed each other as they reminisce about their time together.

However, things suddenly take an unexpected turn as the clip reveals that the rest of the “Running Man” cast is watching a live feed of their date from another room. Lee Kwang Soo asks, “Is this happening right now?” and Yoo Jae Suk says, “I can’t believe this!” HaHa points at the ceiling and exclaims, “They’re eating right here, above us!”

The preview then teases that the seven “Running Man” cast members have been locked in a dark room. Ji Suk Jin declares, “We have to escape this room,” and Yoo Jae Suk complains, “When will we catch Jun So Min?”

Meanwhile, Jun So Min and Kim Ji Suk continue their date by ballroom dancing together, as Kim Ji Suk asks in voice-over, “So was it all acting up until now? It was to draw me out, wasn’t it?” Jun So Min replies dramatically, “No, it wasn’t like that. This is love.”

The next episode of “Running Man” will air on Sunday, April 7 at 5 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the preview below!

Watch the latest episode of “Running Man” with English subtitles here:

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