BTS, NCT’s Doyoung And Gong Myung, Stray Kids, And More Stars Delight And Surprise Fans On April Fools’ Day

Stars have been joining the fun of April Fools’ Day!

On April 1, Doyoung of NCT and actor Gong Myung switched identities! A photo of Doyoung’s brother Gong Myung was posted on NCT’s official Twitter with the caption: “Hello. I’m Doyoung. It looks like my selfie came out cute today.”

Over on Gong Myung’s Instagram account, a photo was posted of Doyoung. “Hello it’s Gong Maeng!” he wrote. “Going on an outing~ Get warmer, weather!”

Meanwhile, the band The Rose transformed into a dance group with some practice videos!

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On Stray Kids’ Instagram, there was also some identity switching going on. Some pictures were uploaded with the hashtag that I.N uses (INstagram) and the caption “I think I look a bit like Hyunjin today.” Of course, the photos are actually of Hyunjin!

“I think I look like a flower today?” said another post with photos of Han but the hashtag “HyunjinStagram.”

Another post with the hashtag “HanStagram” was shared with the caption “Ah, I took a selfie but I’m amazed because I look so much like I.N…” Naturally, the photo is really of I.N!

And most recently, photos of Seungmin (wearing his real name tag) were shared with the hashtag that Changbin uses. “Ah it’s weird to not be holding a hand microphone for the first time in a while… ah my name tag changed.”

MAMAMOO uploaded a photo from a recent performance when they dressed up as puppies! The caption shared that it was to celebrate April Fools’ Day, and quotes from the members were written all in “woofs” and “barks.”

Translations in the tweet explained that the members were really saying “We’re so sad it’s our last performance…” “We must not forget it because it’s over!” “But since our concert is soon” “let’s recharge and meet then!”

ONF also delighted fans by pretending that their account had been taken over by the baby version of J.Us, as he shared adorable childhood photos.

BTS also celebrated April Fools’ Day in the way that their fans ARMY have come to expect!

They changed the layout on their official members’ account, first to Jin holding up a tiger prawn. He tweeted out “Hello…?”

Considering this is Jin, fans have pointed out that this is probably a pun based on how part of the word for “Hello?” that’s used when picking up the phone sounds a bit like the word for “prawn” in Korean.

Soon after, it became an account for J-Hope and Suga’s ballad duo SOPE (inspired by the duo Homme), complete with a bio that asked people to send them inquiries about event bookings through DM and offered to go anywhere within Korea. The pair also held a broadcast on V Live where they pranked fans by announcing SOPE’s disbandment, before sharing that they’d be reuniting.

“Korea’s number one! Singer SOPE,” they tweeted.

The prank was a blast from the past as SOPE previously changed BTS’s layout to promote their duo on April Fools’ Day back in 2016.

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