Go Jun Hee To Take Legal Action Against Rumors About Her Ties To Seungri And Alleged Prostitution Mediation

Go Jun Hee will be taking legal action against rumors about her involvement with Seungri’s ongoing Burning Sun controversies.

On the March 23 broadcast of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions,” messages from a group chatroom of many people — including Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon, and Jung Joon Young — were revealed on the show. They talked about inviting girls to entertain a foreign investor who was in Korea and named an actress who they hoped to invite but happened to be in New York at the time.

After the show aired, some people speculated that the woman was Go Jun Hee and asked with comments on her Instagram, which were denied by the actress.

On April 1, Go Jun Hee posted a statement on her Instagram account following a report that she will no longer be appearing as the female lead of KBS’s upcoming romantic comedy.

Go Jun Hee’s statement is as follows:

Hello. This is Go Jun Hee.

I have a lot of things to say about the current situation, and my head is full of so many thoughts. I couldn’t stay quiet any longer about the recent, groundless rumors about me that were hurting my family and fans who I love, so I’m carefully writing this.

Two weeks ago after the broadcast of “Unanswered Questions, I received a lot of calls from acquaintances who saw my name in related search results. But because this was completely unrelated to me, I reassured those that contacted me and did not respond to each and every speculation. However, the situation snowballed every day, and contrary to the truth, I became someone related to that situation [in the eyes of the public].

Including what’s been reported by some media outlets, I want to clearly state that I have nothing to do with what the rumors are saying.

Seungri is someone I got to know while working in the same industry, and since we were both under YG Entertainment, I can’t say that I didn’t know him. However, it’s completely false that I attended Seungri’s business entertaining meetings, was asked to attend, or was involved in any way in this situation.

I feel frustrated and actually want to ask if the actress they referred to in the KakaoTalk chatroom was actually me, and if so, why they mentioned me. If it’s not me, I want to ask why they aren’t speaking up, when I’ve been pointed out as this actress.

In the end, regardless of my intentions and the truth, I became the center of these rumors and became a victim in this situation, which is so shameful for an actress. It’s also saddening that the focus is being put on the victim, who is criticized and consumed as gossip, rather than the focus being on the relevant perpetrators.

I decided that I could not let this go due to the pain my loving family undergoing due to ‘***’s speculation,’ and I am revealing my stance now.

Not as an actress, but a human being and a woman, I feel a big sense of disappointment and misery at the media and netizens who are spreading false information as if it’s true, and will take legal action without mercy against those who illegally spread or reproduce false information about me.

I pray that my innocence will be clearly shown through the prosecutor’s investigation in the future.

I apologize for causing everyone concern.

Thank you and I’m sorry to everyone who supported me and trusted me throughout the nonsensical speculations.


Go Jun Hee

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